Special Needs Students Break Learning Barriers Using iPad Air

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) - Educators in Madison are breaking learning barriers. Special needs students in the city’s school system are using something others take for granted every day. The iPad Air is doing more than allowing students to surf the internet.

The brain controls the little hands, small fingers and big facial expressions. It makes all over them move.

Sometimes, there is a challenge.

"They have a difficult time telling you what they know. When they are able to use iPads, they are able to show you what they know, how they feel and communicate,” said Mill Creek Elementary School Teacher Lisa Snyder.

A few select students in Madison City Schools are using the iPad Air.

“I think there are some skills they are learning as far as academics, matching letters, numbers and counting,” said Mill Creek Elementary School Teacher Taylor Dinges.

Special needs children often need someone to teach them how to interact, play and do things on their own.

A few clicks here and there for work or play make a big difference.

"When they go home, this is something we can teach them to do. It is something they can do independently and they feel good about it,” added Snyder.

The teachers believe the iPads help build self-confidence in the children who sometimes feel detached from others.

The school district used a $4,000 grant from State Senator Bill Holtzclaw and a donation from Madison's Knights of Columbus to buy the iPads.

Students at Columbia Elementary, Mill Creek Elementary, Rainbow Elementary and Liberty Middle Schools are using them.

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