Portable Emergency Gadgets For Your Car

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(Image Credit: Powerocks / Magicstick) Don't get caught without power on the go, again.

The snow and ice that covered much of Alabama recently shows just how important it is to have an emergency kit on hand in the car or truck – especially when headed out on an interstate or for a longer trip.

If you’re looking for technology to have on-hand, check out the following items that may help in the event you find yourself stranded and without power.

To keep your smartphone powered up, consider a rechargable case or one of the following:

The PoweRocks Magicstick runs about $34 at major electronics stores. The gluestick-sized charger is powerful enough to fully charge your phone via USB cable twice in a day.

The ReVIVE Series Solar ReStore runs about $30 is great for charging your gadgets in the great outdoors. The Solar Restore gets its charge from the sun or a wall plug.

A weather radio and extra batteries are also important additions to any on-the-go emergency kit.

Other options include electric blankets that can run on battery power or plug into a 12 volt power outlet or cigarette lighter socket. You might also want to invest in a portable, rechargable handwarmer that can provide several hours of warmth as needed.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    You are better off to have a spare car battery stored in your trunk that can be connected to the car’s alternator…it is cheaper or you can recharge this spare car battery at home on ocassion when inclement weather is predicted…cheaper & has much more capacity for much longer time. Solar takes too long and needs a clear sky…

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