North Alabama Businesses Still Suffering From Propane Shortage


DEKALB CO., Ala. (WHNT) — It’s been over a week since the governor declared a state of emergency in Alabama because of the propane shortage, and many north Alabama businesses are still suffering.

“We had farmers literally making it hour to hour,” DeKalb County EMA director Anthony Clifton says.

Clifton adds this last week has been hard for the county’s many poultry farmers and other businesses that use propane. He says the EMA and other county agencies have been working long hours trying to get enough propane to those businesses so they can carry on, one day at a time.

The poultry companies the farmers grow for have been sending the EMA lists of those farmers who are critical. “Every morning we come in to a new list of those who are in crises and we try to sort those lists, and by dark we try to have them something,” Clifton says.

This past week’s winter weather is making the propane all the more valuable, and Clifton says it’s hindering the delivery process as well. “The 18-wheelers that were down there got stuck down there, and the 18-wheelers that were up here got stuck up here and couldn’t get down to get more gas.”

The county is stable right now, but Clifton says they’re taking it one day at a time, and he says the long hours of ensuring it stays that way won’t end soon. “This is not something that’s going to end until warm weather, to be honest,” Clifton says.


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