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A Storm Shelter That’s “One Of A Kind”, Made In The Tennessee Valley

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — A local storm shelter company is introducing its new product that company leaders say you won’t find anywhere else.

Inside the Valley Storm Shelters factory in Scottsboro the sound of welding and scraping will hit your ears as soon as you walk in.

They’re building storm shelters, and Friday morning the company introduced its newest product. “There’s no other product on the market today that even comes close to this,” company spokesperson Monte Knight says.

What Knight is referring to is what is called the Valley Storm Shelters Flush Mount Unit. Knight says one of the aspects that makes it unique is what the shelter is capable of.

A remote-controlled button inside the shelter pushes one of the shelter’s exit doors open. It’s designed to handle thousands of pounds of weight on top of it.

Company leaders demonstrated that by lifting the front end of a truck with the hydraulic lift door.

Knight says that door is an extra exit, which he says is another aspect that sets  the shelter apart from its competitors. “Most storm shelters on the market today only have one entry and one exit,” Knight says, “With the Valley Storm Shelters’ Flush Mount Unit, you have one entry and two exits.”

Knight says it’s designed to handle extreme amounts of weight in case of an unexpected situation. “You’ll be able to lift 12 thousand pounds of debris off the top of the shelter so you and your family can get out safely,” Knight says.

Knight says the shelter can be installed inside a home or a garage. “The price of the shelter is 7,450 dollars, and that’s including installation,” Knight says.

Knight says they are demonstrating what the shelters are capable of at their showroom in Madison. 


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