Strainer is Okay But Not Great

We’re always looking for shortcuts in the kitchen.  And maybe a tool that “shortcuts” our time in the kitchen works if it’s a versatile tool.

Time to cue … the BetterStrainer Expandable Strainer.

It’s a strainer that cost $9.99.   It’s a strainer that flexes and expands.  You put the strainer edge of the BetterStrainer Expandable Strainer on the lip of a pot, pan, or bowl, and then stretch across a hook to other side.

I will make this a “Deal.”  But I will do it grudgingly. It will strain the water from noodles, or whatever you need done.  It works. But it feels flimsy and it felt like the strainer could slide around the lip of the container you are straining from.

It’s a “Deal.” Barely.


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