President Prepares to Deliver State of the Union Address

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(CNN) — White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said President Barack Obama’s plan to take more action in 2014-even without congressional approval-shouldn’t be considered a threat to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.

“I don’t think it’s confrontational. It’s ‘Let’s find areas to work together,'” he said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “There are some items right before Congress we can do together.”

He mentioned immigration reform, extending unemployment benefits, patent reform and the farm bill as possible items that could be accomplished with bipartisan support.

But, Pfeiffer added, “the President is not going to tell the American people that he’s going to wait for Congress.”

“He’s going to move forward in areas like job training, education, manufacturing, on his own to try to restore opportunity for American families,” he told CNN’s chief political correspondent Candy Crowley.

Previewing Obama’s upcoming State of the Union address on Tuesday, Pfeiffer sent an e-mail message to supporters Saturday that said Obama will lay out a “set of real, concrete, practical proposals.”

He reiterated Sunday that 2014 will be a “year of action” and the President “is going to look in every way he can, with his pen and his phone, to try to move the ball forward.”

Pfeiffer agreed with the characterization that Obama will be using his bully pulpit more often this year.

“Absolutely, absolutely,” he said. “We do that in big ways and some small ways. … We are putting an extra emphasis on it in 2014.”

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, said on “State of the Union” that the White House’s approach “sounds vaguely like a threat.”

“I think it also has a certain amount of arrogance in the sense that one of the fundamental principles of our country were the checks and balances, that it wasn’t supposed to be easy to pass legislation,” Paul said.

“It’s hard to convince people to get legislation through,” Paul said. “It takes consensus. But that’s what he needs to be doing is building consensus, and not taking his pen and creating law.”

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    • Wake Up

      Tim, you must have selective amnesia! The second term of President Bush was many times worse. Face the facts!

  • Tim

    Burger flipper making $ min wage
    now filing single on taxes pays about
    $500 yr to the Irs.. At $15 hr. same
    burger flipper filing single on taxes
    will pay about $2700 yr to irs….
    That’s a lot more money for
    politicians to waste…. of coarse they
    are for raising min wage…. But yet
    people are fools and believe Obama
    is trying to do something for them… Everything is not supposed to be “Fair” if you want to earn more , make yourself more valuable ! Some of you people sound like zombies…
    We need to decrease federal workers and thier pay.. Send them to private sector to get a real job… And wake up , you need to WAKE UP………

    • Wake Up

      Timbo, productivity of the workers has increased every year. Wages are now at the same level of purchase power that they were in the 1990s. Workers have made themselves more valuable (by being more productive) and have not been rewarded for their efforts. My definition of fair is when the workers produce more they should be paid more. As you said, I am delusional to think that the elites would share the profits with the workers that helped create those profits!

  • Tim

    Wake up, you sound like some college kid that has not worked in the real world but has all the answers ! People that have made themselves more valuable have benefitted. people that make a career out of min wage jobs have not… That’s thier fault. Why should business owners pay people more just because_ some stupid politician said so… Businesses are in business to make as much of a profit as possible… I think you are suffering from a mental disorder called liberalism…….. This country is in the worst shape in recent history on jobs, healthcare, corruption within government, taxes, ” government is not the answer to America ‘s problems, it is the problem……. Both political parties have failed America…

    • Wake Up

      Tim, you are correct that businesses exist to make profit. I just wish they would be more considerate of those lower down that help them create that profit as a team effort. They are humans with feelings and families — not tools to be treated as the elites desire. It is obvious that we do not live in the same world. Good luck with your version of reality.

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