Madison County Drivers Not Obeying Speed Signs

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There's a construction project just getting underway at County Line Road in Madison County.  When it's complete, there will be a new interchange with Interstate 565.  While the project is just starting, ALDOT has already installed the orange and black work zone warning signs.  Speed limit signs in both directions of I-565 drop speeds from 70 to 55, but there's a problem. "If you follow the speed limits, if you aren't careful, you're going to get run over," says Jack Brown.

Jack says nobody is paying any attention to the signs, and we used our radar gun to see if he's right.  We found that many drivers are slowing down as directed by the speed limit signs in the construction zone, but many others are ignoring them. We tracked one driver doing 70 in the 55-zone. We caught spotted another doing 77, and yet another going faster than 80-miles per hour. "Pretty dangerous. A couple of mornings ago, I saw a couple of cars almost smack into the rear end of a semi. What you call a chain reaction. Everybody had to check up," says Jack.

He believes the current situation, with drivers going different speeds, and not obeying the signs will cause a serious accident, and we agree.

We're taking action and taking Jack Brown's concerns to the Alabama State Troopers and ALDOT.  The speed limit signs in the construction zone are official. They are not suggestions.


  • TNjones

    Imagine that, Madison Co drivers not following speed limit signs. Actually, it doesn’t surprise me, they don’t follow yield and stop signs either!

    The city spent a fortune on yellow plastic pylons to put on Madison Blvd. most have been hit at least a dozen times.

  • ado

    565 is a bypass road for all travelers… I wouldn’t just pin this on Madison County drivers… most all drivers in all counties dis-obey speed limits. This is nothing new.

  • Ted

    Hey WHNT, why don’t you leave the policing of the hiways to the agency that does it, the cops!!! Isn’t there a bed-bug disaster or mean landlord you could worry about? How about people parking illegally in handicap spaces? oh yeah, that would be the cops venue too. oh, how about the loss of jobs to illegal aliens, food stamp fraud, and the real reality that the economy is in as bad or worse shape since the collapse in 2008?!?!

    • J

      Yeah!!! Why don’t you focus on non-life-threatening issues! They’re much more important! And national issues! Local news should focus on national issues!!! I lost my lucrative roofing job because that gosh-durn American business owner decided to hire illegals instead of me! Burn the illegals! It’s their fault they’re taking jobs to earn a living that were given to them by the wonderful American citizens, and not the fault of the American citizen that hired the illegals! Unemployment is at the lowest it’s been in years! Cover how horrible the economy is! Bankers and Wall Street hasn’t able to ruin the lives of millions since 2008! CURSE YOU OBAMAAAAAA!!!

      • Ted

        I am so sorry you lost your job to the illegals in this country, It is true, the roofing business owners are more at fault for hiring the illegals than the illegals breaking the immigration laws, that AG Holder refuses to enforce. How about we go to continental roofing and picket in front of their offices and force them to hire you!!!!

    • Gene

      Maybe they are passing the word on to the populace because there is an issue with safety when construction does start. This is a media outlet after all and it’s used for that type of thing.

      If you don’t like the articles, don’t read them?

  • Joot

    Video says folks are speeding on County Line Road. Article contains only references to I-565. WHNT only used radar on I-565 traffic.

    I wish WHNT would ask ALDOT why they can’t post electrical (battery powered) speed limit signs so the 55 MPH limit would only be in effect when workers are actually present and/or there is a TRUE need for slowing traffic. If no lanes are affected, no shoulders are affected, no on/exit ramps are affected, etc., the speed limit shouldn’t be decreased when no workers are present.

  • Tim

    A lot of people speed on 565. Observed a Madison co deputy speeding along with other drivers yesterday ! wonder where the problem could be ?

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