Huntsville Company Donates Sign to Ardmore Church

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ARDMORE, Ala. (WHNT) - We have a ‘Fighting for You’ update on the story of a pastor feeling duped by a business woman. Barry Mitchell bought two signs for his church. The woman hired to make them never completed the job.

Mitchell contacted WHNT News 19 after four months of waiting.

Mitchell has his signs, but the woman hired to create them is not the person winning right now.

Melissa Pelky, the owner of Crimson Signs, asked for an extension last month when WHNT News 19 started asking questions. We exchanged a couple of emails and agreed on a date. The date arrived, but the pastor's signs did not. One sign-making company noticed.

Mitchell's headache started when he wrote a check to the owner of Crimson Signs.

“I`ve been in her shop. She`s fixed up nice. She`s got the stuff,” said Mitchell.

He paid Pelky $375 in September to make two signs for Ardmore Christian Fellowship Church.

“She talked good and represented herself good. She told me we needed to do this and I would do this. She put on a good front,” added Mitchell.

Pelkey delivered one sign, which had errors, but not the other. WHNT News 19 contacted the business owner. She gave WHNT News 19 a list of excuses.

Some were reasonable, but she never took the time, in a four month period, to tell any of them to the pastor.

“We are in agreement, things do happen, but business is business. To me, that`s ample time to pick up the phone and call somebody,” added Mitchell.

Pelkey asked WHNT News 19 to give her more time to fix the problem before airing the story. The station put the story on hold for two weeks. She reneged on the deal, so the 'Fighting for You' story aired.

“It broke my heart. I immediately got up and emailed Venton Blandin hoping we could help that church,” said B&B Signs Employee Dana Hall.

WHNT News 19 received Hall's email a couple of minutes after the story aired.

“I felt sad for the church because they are a very small church, for someone to take advantage of them the way they did, it hurt,” added Hall.

Hall convinced her boss and coworkers to donate parts to make a sign for Mitchell's church. The employees agreed to meet on a Saturday to assemble the sign.

From the time the story aired, to the time the sign was made, Hall and the pastor never met.

Hall and her coworkers delivered what they made on their own time to give to someone they had known only a few minutes.

The pastor was happy to pick up the letter ‘F’, one fitting of a word to describe who took his money, but Hall chose the letter 'B' instead.

“Let`s start with blessed. You put what you want on there,” added Hall.

Mitchell appreciates Hall and her team. He also is happy with the story.

“I`ve heard every kind of comment in the world. All were good. But, I never got to see it,” said Mitchell.

Several others did see it.

“Well, a lady from Texas saw it and we got our sign fixed, so it worked,” added Mitchell.

Mitchell added,” This was awesome. You called me about 5:00pm. By 5:20 pm you called me again and it was taken care of. I thought, he's faster than he looks,” added Mitchell.

WHNT News 19 was able to quickly get results on this story thanks to the folks at B&B Signs. WHNT News 19 appreciates Hall and her team for helping Mitchell.

Mitchell told WHNT News 19 Pelkey handed delivered a $200 check to him Friday. He accepted the partial refund and offered the money to B&B Signs. The employees there told the pastor to not worry about it.


    • lindamo27

      Amen! eurekadog! But then again she probably will only complain about the problems and excuses for why she didn’t do what she promised. Maybe loss of some business will make her change her ways.

  • Linda Moberg

    Pastor we see acts of kindness every day, but often they are for someone else. You were right in choosing the letter “B” for your sign as you and your congregation have been Blessed by the act of kindness from others. God bless and continue to do as you do and for the the company who helped, may your lives and business thrive trhoughout the years to come. Selflessness is something we hear about, seeing it is another thing. Pass it forward when these blessings come your way in any form no matter how large or small. Pastor you chose the “B” as opposed to someone who would want to “get back at someone who did them wrong”, instead you decided to turn the other cheek and hope that a blessing will change her ways. To WHNT I have seen you make lives better, help those who have gotten to the end of their rope and saved them. God bless and keep up the good work.

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