All DeKalb County, Fort Payne Students Home

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DEKALB COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – There’s good news to report about the effort to get students home safely in Fort Payne and DeKalb County.

All students are home in DeKalb County were home by 2:30 p.m. and all Fort Payne students were scheduled to be home by 3:30 p.m. according to Michael Posey, Deputy Director of the DeKalb County EMA. Posey said Fort Payne used city vehicles to bring the rest of the students home safely.

Hundreds of students were held at school for a few hours after early dismissal on Tuesday because buses were not able to take them home safely. Buses started the trip but had to return to school because the routes were covered in snow and icy spots, especially on Lookout Mountain.

The situation rapidly improved since earlier in the day, when 700 students were still at Fort Payne schools as of 12:30 p.m.

The students were taken care of and fed, said DeKalb County EMA Director Anthony Clifton.


  • Bev

    Come on Decab County you should be ashamed for not closing schools today and putting all these children teachers and nurses in harms way!!!!!

    • dsp532

      I think what Lisa & JJ were referring to was the fact that this should not have caught anyone off guard. They predicted the possibliity of snow so you would think that people living in the highest elevation of North Alabama MIGHT assume the roads would get bad. If my children were enrolled in either of these school systems, I would be upset too.
      Nearly all of North Alabama (not Dekalb & Fort Payne) were delayed 2 hours today. Even doing that would have helped in this situation.

    • Kristina Reliford

      Better then 4000 students having to sleep in a school over night! We all know there are little to none of blankets there to keep them warm!!! I would rather have my babies home where I know there safe!

  • Diana

    This is the only day so far that the forecast actually called for snow. Why would you even open schools in the first place knowing you are not equipped to handle it? This makes no sense. Now you have caused more problems because you have put parents in harms way, many having to leave work, going for their children forcing more drivers on the icy roads. Way to think it through! Not.

  • Lisa Padilla

    Ever here of a thing called “Snow Chains”, I think it would be a good investment on several sets for the school buses. You could use them only when something like this happens.

    To all the people who are being negative : this is Alabama not Upstate New York or anywhere they get a lot of snow and Ice, it is hard to tell if the weather is going to get all wonkey so give the Schools a break, at least they knew its not safe, and they are not trying to get the Kids home anyway. It may be a minor inconvenience to some but safer than putting them on the bus and have it slide off the mountain.

  • Mary

    Winter weather is hard to predict, I also have children that was stuck on a bus and had to pick them up. All I know to do is pray. Don’t be so quick to be negative about the situation. Just PRAY for the safety of your love ones.

  • Mary

    If they had closed or delayed school today and nothing happened it would of been the same situation, Oh they closed or delayed school for nothing, what an embarrassment for them.

    • Mary

      I’m not complaining I was just speaking what other would of said had nothing happened. I feel for the ones who had to make the call on school closings or delayed. I Pray that God will lift their spirits. I can only imagine what they are feeling right now.

      “Hold you heads up strongly” We ALL make bad decision/calls from time to time.

  • Rena

    Also remember these are not the only school system that has had this same problem. Morgan county had the same problem last year. This is crazy weather for us. I am glad that we didn’t send our daughter today, but not everyone has that option. I pray that God will lay his hand on the students and their caregivers and keep them safe and warm.

  • Tammy

    This is a no win situation for the school authorities. I think the critics of school closings should remember today and encourage the officials to be safe and not sorry. The predictions did not account for the quick accumulation on the roads, so better to make the call the night before so parents can plan for care of their children, if they work.

  • Wanda

    You people cannot be pleased at all can you?! Seriously, when they delay schools for the extreme cold parents pitch a fit and are inconvienced because of work schedules. Schools in Decatur City still open early for parents to drop kids off two hours early so parents can go on to work. Now roads get icy and yall throw out blame and are not happy with the way things aren’t handled again! If you do not want to take chances on your child’s safety, keep them home. Those kids were safely returned to their schools and fed and supervised and watched by their teachers until they could be taken home. You all need to get a grip on the fact that Alabama weather is unpredictable and our weathermen are not God. They predict the situations as best they can. Yall should be ashamed of yourselves for being so childish and condescending. You and you alone know if you live in mountainous areas and how fast driving conditions can deteriorate. Act like the adult and parent your supposed to be and throw in some common sense and make the call to stay off the roads as advised by law enforcement. I’m proud they handled the situation to the best of their ability and bus drivers kept your children safe. You should be thanking the Lord that the I safety was considered first. This is not an embarrassment for anyone. It’s a state of emergency.

  • Lisa

    They all should get extra credit for
    Having to be bused back to school.
    Cause the news said the higher elevations
    Could expect this.


    Thank you Jim Cunningham for doing an excellent job watching out for our children. I know that we are fortunate to be apart of The Fort Payne City School System. Thank you to WVES Principal Cathy Jones for her leadership and staff. I believe our children’s safety and best interest was in good hands today. In all weather events I believe we can count on the best decisions to be made.

  • jennifer

    First off the governer issued a state of emergency for alabama starting at 6:30am the stupid superindendant of dekalb county should of seen and heard same warning now when roads are bad he calls school off anf kids have to get home but wait they cant…poor kids and families of the ones that drive to school major insurance claims wrecked cars…who should pay for it…not the victims the stupid superindendant hugh taylor should .. you dropped the ball on this one…turn the news on once in awhile

  • Brian

    Don’t the superintendents simply do what the EMA “suggests” that they do? I don’t think it is just a single individual’s decision…




  • Elena

    I am a student at D-High in Alabama and im not going to be negative but good call glad they were taken care of and not in the bus STRANDED!!!!

  • April

    Ok, so the parents go berserk over snow. Well, tell your kids to stop complaining and belly aching to get out of school! They make the choice by not watching the news. That’s the parents obligation to turn on their televisions and watch! The weather man can’t predict every weather circumstance correctly! If a child goes to school in the snow, it’s not the schools fault, it’s the negligent parents fault. If they were to actually watch for delays or closing a a child wouldn’t have angry fed up parents risking their lives to go pick them up! Children, stop complaining! Stay at home with your parents when it snows. Don’t say I wish it would snow also, just to get out of school! Some people need to work! The ones losing pay need their jobs too!

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