Rep. Mike Ball Battles Fearful Legislators For Medical Marijuana Derived Oil To Help Sick Children

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- Going into the legislative session Representative Mike Ball (R-Madison) started a push to legalize a marijuana-based oil.

The oil doesn’t have a recreational use.  It doesn’t get you high.  It comes from the cannabis plant, and a lot people say it also happens to work wonders on kids with conditions that can cause dozens of seizures a day.

But Ball thinks legislators might just be too afraid to pass his bill.

Earlier last month, Gena Dalton told us her daughter’s story, “My mouth just fell open when I’m hearing the amounts of Valium they pumped into her.”

Her daughter Charlotte started having bouts of seizures.  She can’t get relief from modern medicine without horrendous side effects.

But a lot of families have seen success with an oil derived from the marijuana plant.

It doesn’t get kids high.  It just limits seizures.

Charlotte could use it to fight back for her health, but then she might lose her parents.  unless the state legislature acts.

“These people are not criminals,” says Ball, “And they shouldn’t have to leave Alabama to get treatment for their sick children.””

Down at the state house, Representative Mike Ball pushes the legislation to legalize the oil – just the oil, “I made a lot of progress in a hurry, but the one thing that I’ve got to overcome, this is an election year.  And political fear in an election year . . . politicians can be very skittish.”

So maybe legislators put it off a year.  Maybe that’s safer.  Not for Charlotte, but for them.

Ball argues, “What they should be afraid of is going home without doing this, because if we don’t do this and we’re attacked for not doing it, I don’t have an argument for it.  I don’t have an antidote for that.”

At the end of the day, what they have to account for – well, that’s up to you.


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