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Kids to Love: Aalyia


Aalyia is in the 7th grade and her favorite subject is.

“Math” Aalyia answers

“Why do you like math?” Lee asks


Her answers were short and to the point even when she talked about playing point guard.

Lee asks “Are you a good 3 point shooter?”

“‘Yes mam” Aalyia answers

“How many do you average in a game?” Lee asks

“12” Aalyia answers.

Lee: “You are determined you are not gonna smile.  You are too pretty not to show your smile.”

Aalyia starts to smile…

“There it goes there it goes..” Lee said

The one thing that did make Aalyia smile is seeing her older sister Alexis.  They are in the same foster home and they want to stay together.

“Because we only have each other.” Aalyia says.

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