Carpenter Technology Begins Operations At Tanner Facility

TANNER, Ala. (WHNT) – It’s been three years since the big announcement and hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent, but it all paid off Monday. In Limestone County, Carpenter Technology officially opened its new specialty steel facility. The company will produce precision components for the medical, aviation and aerospace industries.

“One, two, three and welcome to Athens Operations.”

A ceremonial beginning to what company officials promise will be a long relationship with Limestone County.

“So today we celebrate the first day of our Athens facility, and I believe that this facility will be here, thriving and a core part of this company a hundred years from now,” said Bill Wulfsohn, CEO of Carpenter Technology.

Wulfsohn says the plant will eventually produce 27-thousand tons a year of ultra-premium alloys, making use of the largest radial press in the world.

“These are materials that go into very critical applications. They go into the hot section of aerospace engines, they go into medical devices.”

Governor Robert Bentley was on-hand for the original announcement that Carpenter was coming to Alabama and he was on-hand to celebrate the plants opening.

“You know, Carpenter is a great company. It’s an old company but it’s a great company producing very high quality products that are used in so many different industries, industries that are now fitting into what we do here in Alabama, aerospace, automotive, medical,” Bentley told the crowd.


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