Parents Discuss State’s Adopted Common Core Standards

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Parents are meeting to get answers and share experiences about the state’s adoption of the Common Core standards.

Amanda Andrews has two kids who are in elementary school. Her son is in third grade, and over the last years she says she’s seen him slowly start to lose his love of learning. “Our kids are coming home defeated, and they still have to do four or five hours of homework, and they don’t get to be children anymore,” Andrews says.

She attributes that to the emphasis put on teaching and getting students ready for the adopted Common Core standards. Andrews says she’s now finding out exactly what the recently implemented evaluation methods will mean for her son. She says other parents in her son’s class say the same.  “It’s in our schools today and parents don’t have any idea,” Andrews says.

So that’s how the discussion in Huntsville on Sunday afternoon came about.

Terri Michal is one of the organizers.  “What I wanted to do today was have a non-partisan meeting to where people can come out and look at facts and truths without looking at it through colored glasses, red or blue,” Michal says.

Alabama adopted the standards in 2010, as did most of the nation. That adherence from most of the states is the partial reason behind their creation.

On its website the Alabama Department of Education states “The standards provide consistent learning goals for all students – regardless of where they live – so that when children move from one state to another, they will stay on track in school, making the transition of moving more seamless for both students and teachers.”

It goes on to say having common standards with high-quality academic benchmarks taught nationwide will be beneficial in getting students on track for college and careers.

But Andrews says her son is almost burnt out, and she says herself and many other parents have been left in the dark. Andrews says now she’s taking measures she thought she never would have to do, but believes it’s her only choice. “I have prayed and prayed about homeschooling with some friends, who have also been praying about homeschooling, and most of us have decided we are going to homeschool.”

She says discussions like the meeting Sunday have helped her come to that decision, and says while the standards might be right for other students, they are not right for hers.


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