Huntsville Police Questioning Person of Interest in Saturday Morning Homicide

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  What started as a domestic disturbance ended with a Huntsville man dead.

Around midnight Saturday morning a 911 call came in about a domestic disturbance on the 4900 block of Wayne Court in Huntsville. Police say while officers were heading to the scene they were told shots had been fired. When officers got there they found a man on the sidewalk. They say he had been shot several times.

They identify that man as 33-year-old Timothy Latrell Derrick. Officers say Derrick died on the scene.

Caution tape blocked off much of the area as investigators processed the scene.

Gloria Thompson lives in a home just steps away from the crime scene. She's lived there for more than 20 years. She says she doesn't necessarily feel safe in that neighborhood anymore. "It's pretty dangerous," Thompson says, "Once I get home from work I go in and stay in."

Thompson says over the last few years she has started to feel that way."It just seems like the last five years have been crazy around this neighborhood," Thompson says.

Since Saturday morning police say they haven't made any arrests in connection with the case. They do say they are questioning one person of interest.

Police haven't said what could have sparked the domestic disturbance, who else was involved, or why it turned deadly.

WHNT News 19 spoke with the victim's wife, who didn't want her information released. She tells us she hasn't heard anything new from police in regards to her husband's death. She says she doesn't know how the situation escalated so quickly, or what could have prompted the violence.

As more information becomes available we'll keep you updated on air and online.

This homicide is one of several Huntsville police have worked since the beginning of the year.


  • JR

    The whole police department needs to be the homicide division. One every night. Trying to catch up with Detroit and Chicago.

  • fedup

    or maybe HPD needs to spend more time dealing with criminals and less time holding guns on private citizens while they are on their property doing nothing. Yeah, didn’t read about that one in the news.

  • keekee

    Everybody says his wife did it cause it was just him and her out there now she trying to cover herself up. How u out there the whole time and didn’t see nothing or know anything. Ijs

  • Huntsville Mama

    His wife hasn’t heard anything new from the police and she doesn’t want her information released!!! Maybe she is the person of interest??? Time will tell all…. to be continued!!!

  • Unknown

    Y’all think you all know the story about what happen but his girlfriend tried to put him out in he went to the door to try in leave but she picked up the gun in started shooting into the gun was empty. Now after he run why he was shot he fell beside the truck so, that when his girlfriend stand over him to make sure he was dead. Now she on the run And she did not get beat up

  • annonymous

    Some Women pretend too be such good girl and have people thinking they are butwhy would she even be dating a married man. Some good girl she is,real women don’t date married men. So no need to run now take it like a woman u did what u did now you’re back with the other guy..

  • wife

    Speaking as his wife I wasn’t there and it wasn’t me standing over him. I just want to know what really happen all these stories coming from the street is getting on my nerves. The person who did this not only took my husband they took a father,a brother,a son and friend to many so the actions of whoever did this is affecting a lot of lives. We as his family need answers.

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