Police Respond to Shooting on Mastin Lake Road

Posted on: 9:44 pm, January 24, 2014, by

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Police report a shooting in the area of Mastin Lake Road and Pulaski Pike.

There are currently no details available about this shooting, but we are working to get more information. Stay tuned to WHNT News 19 and this web story for more information.


  • FYI…your prejudice is showing. North Huntsville is racially diverse. I know, I live there.

  • kip gambino says:

    yep, good ole north huntsville

  • JR says:

    Best wishes on living there Donna. I hope you don’t get robbed or burlgarized in the hood.

  • Ralph says:

    shooting in north huntsville ? Tell me something new !

  • Truth says:

    Does it make you feel good to speak negatively about the north side of town or do you only comment to stir up controversy? Instead of passing judgement and/or making crass comments, try doing something positive to uplift the community/city.

    Read the good book and learn what it means to be a Christian and then practice it. God sees EVERYTHING. HE knows our hearts. Be mindful of what you say and do ALWAYS.

  • dee says:

    You didn’t here anyone making racial slurs about the young man that chopped his whole family up in SOUTH Huntsville did you? Grow up!! The whole world is corrupt. And I’ll have you know that I got shot 3 years ago in Madison… I guess stuff like that doesn’t happen out there either huh? “If you’re not praying for our society to get better or have something nice to say then don’t say anything at all!”

  • courtney stokes says:

    Too much fox news

    • Jon says:

      you must not like the truth reported hey……is that y u cite fox? i imagine you have been duped by the Communist News Network….cnn since you didnt graduate high school and wouldnt know what that meant unless i spelled it out for you..

  • courtney stokes says:

    Ignorance is running rampant in our society today

  • mikeb says:

    I love the northside..born and raise …dont beleive the hype..crime going on everywhere

    • Red says:

      I live there too. I could move, but I choose to stay. However, it is a rationalization to downplay crime in an area by saying crime is everywhere.

  • YW says:

    JR is just one of many good ole south huntsville pill popping and meth smoking people that the news hides because thats “white” part of town.But truth be told…..there’s ALOT of crime there too AND DRUGS DUMMY!! Nice that the keyboard is your bodyguard….lol

  • MC says:

    Oh I guess they shut you up Jr, and I’m your name is a chip off the old block? Stupid is as stupid does!

  • Northside MastersDegree says:

    No one said anything about that guy who got killed on the southside last week. Or about all of thr Crystal Meth and prescription drugs sold on the southside Jones Valley area…..ijs

  • DayTripper says:

    Apparently the news media is not up on the streets in hsv… it happened on Pulaski pike and Sparkman.

  • Ariel says:

    huntsvilles crime is much worse than most other cities, just saying. race has nothing do with anything, people are just crazy here and the police are crazier

  • Ariel says:

    and alabama encourages the use of meth, crack, and prescription drugs just look at any law. they continue to lock up people who prefer marijuana and let crack heads go due to over crowding in prisons and the fact most of them will snitch for the huntsville police. which if you dont know, they give you the option to tell on somebody and be free thats why there is so much crime here in my opinion the police dont do their jobs they just arrest the innocent people so it seems as though they are, but infact theyll let a meth cook/dealer go just to get a marijuana bust. its more money for them

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