School Delays for Friday, Jan. 24

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TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – Here are the latest school delays due to the frigid weather on Friday, Jan. 24.

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The updated list:

  • Albertville City Schools – 2 hour delay on Friday, employees report at regular time
  • Athens City Schools – 2 hour delay on Friday
  • Bethel Baptist School (Hartselle) – 2 hour delay on Friday, childcare opens at 8:30 a.m.
  • Boaz City Schools – 3 hour delay on Friday
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy (Rainsville) – 2 hour delay on Friday
  • Cullman County Schools – 2 hour delay on Friday
  • Decatur City Schools – 2 hour delay on Friday, staff should report at normal time. Buildings open at normal time in case parents need to drop off children then.
  • DeKalb County Schools – 2 hour delay on Friday
  • Guntersville City Schools – 3 hour delay on Friday
  • Hartselle City Schools – 2 hour delay, employees report at regular time, parents may drop off students at regular time if needed.
  • Jackson County Schools – open at 10:30 a.m. Friday, employees report at regular time
  • Lawrence County, AL Schools – 2 hour delay on Friday
  • Limestone County Schools – 2 hour delay on Friday
  • Marshall County Schools – 3 hour delay on Friday
  • Morgan County Schools – 2 hour delay on Friday
  • Scottsboro City Schools – 3 hour delay on Friday


  • Brian S.

    What a joke. Its cold so we delay school?? Really? Where exactly does Alabama rank nationally in public education? The adults need to suck it up, put on an extra layer and get to work. How weak has this society become?

    • Jill

      What an ignorant comment. Buses not running because of the temps, children not having proper clothing, schools not being able to stay heated, etc… all have to be taken in consideration. Comments like this do nothing but make you look like a fool spouting “back in my day….”

      • GientBeffy Coxdeep Inmuhass

        I agree, that person obviously isn’t very intelligent. All you can do is try your best to ignore those types.

    • aaron davis

      hmm when its cold guess what buses wont start cars wont start you have whole high schools where kids drive and when their cars wont start well guess what they cant show up all the ignorant comments of saying people should suck it up are stupid its more about children safety then the adults not wanting to go and its not even their choice its the school boards

    • jason

      You assume that all kids have clothes that are sufficient for this weather .you you were prolly raised in good household and can’t even imagine kids that don’t have parents to take care of them like they should and I would be willing to bet u have an inside job stop judging before thinking of less fortunate kids

    • Shianne

      The question is where do the Alabama county roads rank? The buses sure they can get up and go, but risk small children’s lives? No. Alabama public education is no fault of the teachers, trust me tons of people are dying to teach in these school and they do not pay much. Appreciate those who teach the youth trust me they could have taught you better.

    • Tatiana

      You’re obviously ignorant to the fact that cold weather hinders buses to operate on normal schedule. THAT is why schools are delaying.

  • MadaboutMadison

    And as usual, Madison City Schools haven’t made up their minds yet. They are trying to see what is politically correct before making the decision.

    • Donna

      That’s true! Madison County is always late. Makes it hard for parents to set up a schedule for the day. Some parents have to go to work so need time to make arrangements for their children. Ugh!

    • orngecrown

      Yes, I’m sure that they are delaying schools because it’s chilly and not in order to help prevent wrecks from ice on the roads, nor to allow time for buses to heat up. And to anyone going on about back in your day, maybe it wasn’t that cold, because it sure didn’t shut you the hell up.

  • Christy

    Like always, Madison County will be last to make a decision. Just like with the April 27 tornadoes. They let school out once the tornadoes started. Some kids had to exit the busses into strangers homes for safety. And what’s with delay’s? Temp’s aren’t going to get much higher, so it should be, either go or don’t. Guess they don’t want to lose the money they receive for each child that shows.

    • DT

      Yes it is a money issue! But if they call it out then they have to make it up anyways. So if a school is delaying 3 hours then what’s the point in going!?!? They lose money anyway because a lot of parents just call it a day.

    • Tyler

      Arab City gets out less than yall so dont complain. We went at regular schedule on the day of the tornadoes. And we went last year with
      an inch of snow on the ground.

      • Lynda

        @Tyler, Different parts of Alabama were affected to varying degrees during the tornados, which may be why some schools let out & some didn’t. I live in North Madison County where the area was decimated by EF5 tornados, & went without power for more than 8 days. You should be glad if you didn’t require early closings

  • Ah

    We delay schools due to driving hazards, not the coldness! ^^^ Here in the city they don’t walk to school up a hill both ways lol

    • BaMaFaN

      Exactly what I was thinking!! To the one’s complaining, it’s better to start late than risk your child being in an accident, is it?

  • Jane

    Wait until the phone rings at 8:00 p.m. or 5:30 a.m. for Cullman County Schools. Unless you have a child at Holly Pond High School, and they will send you a facebook notice letting you know of a delay.

  • Daisy Faye Buchannan

    Bus drivers begin their routes early in the morning. Some are out retrieving buses to begin their routes in the predawn hours. Buses have diesel engines and often won’t crank when the temps dip so low. That is one of the principal reasons that schoools are delayed.

    • Tricia pitts

      Thanks Daisy about the buses. I drive for Morgan County and about 40 or more of ours wouldn’t crank on this last single digit temp dip. They have asked our drivers to crank ours @ 5:00 am or earlier all week to prevent any delays. Thanks for informing others.

  • KK

    Madison city will decide at 6:00am tomorrow. HA HA! Isn’t it a shame that everything revolves around money. In my day if we needed to stay home we did. I guess the school system wasn’t all caught up about how much money they get for each child. They were more concerned about teaching, disciplining and helping each child to grow up to be a contributor to the grown-up world. How things have changed.

  • Common Sense

    It is sad that some of these systems don’t care enough about their own employees to consider that a lot of them have children that go to different schools in the system than the ones they work at. These teachers and staff will now have to find transportation for those students to school when they normally would be able to drop them at their schools on their way to work. I realize that is a concern for a lot of parents, but you would think that school systems would at least look out for their own….the people that work hard for them each day and way over the required hours as it is.

  • Doris Buck

    What about the kids? There are a LOT of kids that don’t have the kind of winter clothes to stay warm in their own homes, so how long will it take for their little bodies to stop functioning at all outside? How many of you can walk into your nice warm homes and be able to remove your nice warm winter coats or clothes and not worry about freezing to death? If all you gripping about going to school, delaying a couple of hours for school or staying home, would put all the complaining and stop being selfish and holy than thou an put all that energy into doing something about putting warm clothes on those less fortunate, scared to death not knowing if they will wake the next morning or praying they won’t wake up at all. It makes me sick to know you think of nobody but yourselves. Will you wake up in the morning with your heat broke down? What if?!?!

  • Deb

    I would like to know if Lauderdale County is going to make a decision. Parents need to know ahead of time to make plans.

  • Tired

    What about?? What about?? What about?? If your school system is not on the list, you should probably plan to be at school tomorrow. Just saying..

  • Nuclear Mike

    There was NEVER a scholl opening delay due to the temperature during any winter I remember…tha janitor had to come in early and fire up the furnance so that the school was warm…but we kids had to bundle up & WALK to shchool in the artic temps/snow…NO wonder why we have such fat children now in school!!!

    • Ryan Gorham

      you are sooooo dumb if you think that school delays have any affect on obesity in children. have you not heard about the schools that have closed for days because of pipes bursting? last I checked, it’s pretty hard to go to class when all that’s missing from the recreation of Noah’s ark is two of each animal. also, like 10000 other people have stated on this thread, a lot of kids DON’T HAVE THE APPROPRIATE CLOTHING FOR EXTREME TEMPERATURES. it’s not their fault and they shouldn’t have to freeze because of it. this isn’t 1960. grow up.

  • Tyler

    We was without power for as long as yall. Do you even know where Arab is?Its where the tornado came straight through like Ruth and all them towna are basically in Arab. It came right over my house. @Lynda

    • Lynda

      Yes Tyler, I know where Arab is. My sister lived there for 20 years. My comment wasn’t meant disrespectfully, nor did it require a disrespectful retort. There were so many tornados that day, going through so many parts of the state that I couldn’t keep up with all of them. Plus, since our power was out so long, I couldn’t watch the news. My only point was in response to your comment about Arab even keeping the schools open during the tornados. I don’t consider it irresponsible to close them during that time. Especially considering the tornado that hit the High school in Enterprise, Al in 2007, & the damage done there. Madison County did not, however, delay school this morning due to the cold. In closing, I’m thankful we are both still here to share our stories of the tornados. There were many, unfortunately, who are not.

  • Conitha

    Schools are not funded based on being closed or open at this point in the year, nor is it based on attendance at this point. The decision to open or close does not have any affect on their state finding level.

  • Jeff

    I never thought about children not having proper clothes for this weather. I can appreciate the sentiment. That said, what temp becomes the cutoff for a delayed opening? Does the five degree difference by opening two hours late tomorrow really address the problem associated with improper clothing? Sometimes our actions are well intended; however, they do little to address the problem. Also, what does children not being in school have to do with the physics associated with bursting pipes?

  • SHSmom

    It would be nice to know what MCSS policy is concerning weather delays. It is frustrating getting a decision so much later than the other school districts. Why do some districts in close proximity delay and not others? If there are policies or guidelines, are they available to the public? I thought the jan 6 I& 7 delays were due to the cold temps but isn’t it just a cold now? There’s no way to assume or guess what they will decide from one event to the next.

  • SHSmom

    I guess I’ve got some leftover distrust. I’m afraid that they will neglect to make a timely decision like on a certain April 27.

    The last message MCSS sent out that day was that the busses would run at 11:30. And then all $&!! Broke loose. Pictured my kids on roads that were impassable BC MCSS didn’t tell us they didn’t send the buses after all. Parents driving on seriously dangerous roads trying to get home before their kids but the kids aren’t there, so they go from school to school around downed trees and power lines praying they’re still there. What a horrible fiasco that was!!

    I still get mad thinking about and I could see it happening again, because they still don’t issue communications properly.

  • TNjones

    Please stop mentioning the April tornadoes, single digit temps have nothing to do with that. They probably had to let schools out due to pressure from parents, but I’d rather them stay safe in a brick/block school than a wood frame house.

    If you can dress your kids appropriatly, there are thrift stores and social programs to help out with that. Irresponsible parents shouldn’t have kids.

    • You-know-who

      Being a responsible parent or not has nothing to do with having proper clothes for kids. Some parents dont have the money to buy their kids more than one coat. All I have is one sweatshirt to wear to school. I am not complaining. Honestly, thats all I need.

  • Hey

    I am sure Madison/Huntsville will be going to school, but it would be nice to have a call or email from them letting us know.

  • Celestra Gordon

    It is just as cold as Jan 6 and Jan 7th
    I don’t understand why Madison City is not
    Delaying ?? Are they waiting for some
    Thing tragic to happen first..

  • Doris Buck

    How dare you Mr.or Mrs.INjones! you must be the most responsible parent on the planet. These people didn’t ask to be in this situation. Did you know there are NO jobs out there. How do I know? I have a son-n-law and grand-son-in-law that turned this town up side down for a job. One is now delivering pizza. Do you know the prices of gas? The other is working at a chicken plant and the only reason he got the job is because he was there at just the right time because somebody had just quit. And they still wind up in the hole. Do you have a good job? Do you live in a nice warm house? Do you have children? Its an insult and offensive to me and a lot of other people! REALLY?! “Shouldn’t have kids?” Aren’t you special! You are a no it all who talks a big talk but don’t want to try to help. This world would be on it’s way to hell in a hand basket if everybody had your attitude.

  • Hmmm...

    It’s unbelievable to me that you all would be on here fussing and fighting over school delays! I’m sure whichever school systems did call for delays this morning had sufficient reason to do so.Trying to compare this to April 27th…there is NO comparison and even areas that the tornados didn’t hit had power outages of a minimum of 8 days because those tornadoes took out our main power source at TVA! Childhood obesity and low income families don’t result in irresponsible parents, and neither of the 2 have anything to do with school delays. I have 2 children in school, 1 who is a Senior and the youngest in elementary school and I can assure you all that just because we’re categorized as a “low income” family I am not an irresponsible parent, my children have coats, sweatshirts, gloves, mittens, toboggans, etc. to wear. Oh, and guess what?@Nuclear Mike Your comment was the most ignorant one on here referring to childhood obesity! One of my children happens to be on the chunky side but, he’s the one who is the most active of the 2!! He’s a wrestler, plays kid pitch baseball in the spring as well as fall ball so please explain to me how you think childhood obesity has anything to do with school delays. Politics and money…I’m sure they do play a huge role in the decision making process, but 2 hours or 3, as long as they are there before 11:30AM the schools will get their money. What’s really sad to me though, while we have all been on here bickering over NOTHING, Limestone County Schools were delayed 2 hours and one of their buses was involved in a 4 vehicle wreck at approx. 9:39AM. And that my friends is the real reason they delay schools – for the safety of our children.

  • Tyler

    Sorry @ Lynda i was just upset about the non delay arab had but you are right we had someone upstairs looking over us.

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