Cold Blast Brings Uptick In Frozen Pipe Calls

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MADISON, Ala.(WHNT)-You turn the faucet, but nothing comes out. That’s the best-case scenario for those with frozen pipes from this latest cold blast, while the other is a lot more wet and messy.

Several area plumbers tell WHNT News 19 they’re already seeing an uptick in frozen pipe calls, which could really accelerate over the next 24 hours. Those plumbers say it’s a problem that’s easily preventable, but one that often leads to expensive bills if the pipes end up bursting

“Our phones have been ringing off the hook,” said Anthony Rudder of Madison Plumbing Service. “I doubt I’ll get off work anytime soon tomorrow. We’ll probably work like we did last time. Try to be done by midnight and start again the next day.”

Rudder said it’s best to leave your faucets running on a little more than a drip on the hot side. Leaving your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors open to circulate warm air is also recommended, as is setting the thermostat in your home to at least 55 degrees.

If your pipes do end up freezing overnight it’s recommended that you immediately shut off the main water supply, which will minimize the amount of water that could leak into your residence if any pipes do burst.