Woman & Child Injured After Van Ends Up in Creek

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Paramedics transported a woman and child to the hospital after the van they were in flipped and ended up in a creek.

A witness says the driver lost control, hit a culvert then flipped before coming to a rest in a creek.

This happened around 6:45 a.m. at a creek bridge in the area of Pulaski Pike between Carter Grove Road & Ary Drive.

Authorities say the driver was thrown from the vehicle and into the water.

Madison County deputies pulled the woman from the water and managed to free the child from the van.

The cause of the wreck is under investigation.


  • Scott

    this particular bridge and others are in the North part of District 4 of Madison County. There is very little attention in this area from the County commissioner. All the money is funneled in the Harvest and Monrovia area to keep the rich people happy and on the side of the commissioners. Just as there needs to be a High School in this area to keep our kids safer. Sparkman is a drug infested trouble area for our high school there. This area was supposed to receive a high school North of Hwy 53, but there again our County commissioner is a right hand man to Dale Strong, who by the way owns a lot of property and builds houses in the Harvest/Monrovia area, so therefore that is where the schools are located. Makes his property and houses sell for big money. Anyway, I pray the lady and her child is safe.

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