Medical Marijuana Law May Require People to Give Up Guns

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KPLR) – Illinois’ new medical marijuana law is a four-year pilot project with some of the nation’s strictest standards.  So how will it be regulated?  Here’s a first look:

Patients would pay to be fingerprinted for a background check, plus pay a $150 a year fee to apply for a photo ID.  Under the proposal, they would also give up the right to own a weapon and that’s very controversial.

Opponents say it conflicts with U.S. Constitutional rights.   These regulations are the first draft.  The Illinois Department of Public Health will also collect public input until February 7th.

Some cancer patients as well as the terminally ill find the proposed fee too high since it’s not covered by insurance, but the St. Clair County Sheriff, Rick Watson, claims a law like this needs to be strict.

“You gotta start them out strict,” Watson said. “You can lighten them up later but do it the strictest way that you can and you don’t have to come back and enforce them later on.”

Illinois patients could also qualify to buy marijuana for more than 40 medical conditions.  Last names that begin with A through L could submit an application in September or October.  M through Z could submit in November or December.

Illinois regulations make it clear that you will need to decide between your pot or your gun.  They remind citizens that marijuana possession is still prohibited by federal law. With this being legal pot possession, the courts will need to reconcile this.

Anyone who is interested can take a look at a list of the rules at

There is an email address for anyone who has comments and you can submit those to

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    • Red

      Ridiculous. Nobody wants your arsenal of weapons lady. This is simply an insult to marijuana smokers from a politician who still thinks that reefer madness and weapons can’t coexist. Felons convicted of acts of violence aren’t allowed to own guns either. Is THAT just another way to get your guns?

  • Ben Vickers

    Ridiculous. Guns and Marijuana stats please. What about alcohol and gun stats? Open that door up and see what happens. But this has nothing to do with grabbing anybodies guns. It is much more to do with limiting freedom of choice and admitting they were wrong to begin with.

    • Red

      Ben, if I had seen your comment before I left mine, I wouldn’t have bothered. You said it right. Mention the word “guns” and some people think it’s all about guns.

  • Wake Up

    This is another Republican poison pill inserted into the legislation to make sure it will not pass. A usual tactic — no big deal!

  • David

    just another ploy to make people give up their guns. This administration will stop at nothing when it comes to trying to pass more stupid laws to control the public and restrict what little rights we have left .

    • Wake Up

      David, this has nothing to do with the “administration.” This is a state ballot issue and should be honored for state’s rights.

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