In Lawrence County, Galbreath Out. New County Administrator Appointed.

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MOULTON, Ala. (WHNT) - The Lawrence County Commission named a new county administrator after interviewing four candidates.

Donna Lewellen is the newly appointed Lawrence County Administrator.

The interim Lawrence County Administrator has abruptly walked off the job and did that in the midst of questions about possible wrongdoing. Commissioners say Tricia Galbreath wrote checks to herself that were never formally approved by the commission.

Lawrence County Commission Chairman Mose Jones says former interim County Administrator Tricia Galbreath has been asked not to return to her office until the commission can make a decision on what to do about her job. Galbreath gave notice Tuesday she would vacate the position in 30 days.

There was so much anger and shouting here yesterday as Galbreath was preparing to leave the job that the other employees became nervous and called the sheriff's department. They had deputies to stand-by here until she was gone.

Galbreath has had the job for a year. She was one of several people to apply for the job on a full-time basis, and the commission is scheduled to hire a new administrator Thursday evening. But commissioners say they recently learned Galbreath wrote herself thousands of dollars worth of checks that were not approved by the commission.

"Ms. Galbreath did tell me that three members of the commission okay'ed her to do that, but I told her even if they told her to do that, that it still had to be voted on in a public meeting," Commission Chairman Mose Jones told WHNT News 19 Wednesday afternoon.

Commissioner Bobby Burch tells us the county attorney is looking into the payments. He says the commission would have to turn the results of the probe over to the district attorney for review.

The Lawrence County Commission does have a specially called meeting planned for 8 o'clock Thursday night to discuss hiring a new county administrator.


  • skillpot

    “Commissioners say Tricia Galbreath wrote checks to herself that were never formally approved by the commission.” Another case of the lack of internal controls over the business activities! Who is the CPA, or Accountant responsible for these controls?

  • Nuclear Mike

    Who keeps who actaully from writing their own checks as more & more corruption is becoming public now???

  • Sherlock

    Bad things happen to bad people! This could not have happened to a “Better” person! Good job Lawrence County!

  • vnorm

    Tricia allegedely embezzelled tousands of dollars from Marion County by writing herself checks when she was emplyed at the courthhouse there. She was never ifound guilty of any crime there but resigned and went to work for a judge in Greenville, Ala for a few years. Sounds like she’s making the circuit!

  • skillpot

    Okay, who was the Chairperson who had oversite over Tricia Galbreath , and the attorney who should have known about adequate internal controls over monies?

    Now, are adequate internal controls in place to protect, now only Donna Lewellen, but the money flow in and out of the district?

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