Huntsville Museum of Art Prepares for New Exhibition, Downtown Development

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Museums rely on the imagination of others, artists and observers, to survive.

Director of Curatorial Affairs Peter Baldaia shows off the latest exhibition, which covers the walls with shades and lines.  The work belongs to Rocio Rodriguez, an Atlanta artist who's worked in the South for thirty years.

He tells us she does abstract work now, though she started more in realism.

The exhibition stirs the lifeblood of the museum.

Baldaia explains, "There's just a lot more room for imagination and discovery in an abstract painting than in a realistic painting."

The artist will give a walking tour of the exhibition Sunday at 2pm.

But the art inside only makes up a part of the museum's broader contribution to the downtown development goal.

From the museum's front steps just past the sculpture, you can see the edge of city hall, where they scheme up ways to bring traffic downtown.

Just on the other side, we've seen what success looks like, driven by the museum, for over a month.

Executive Director Christopher Madkour notes, "We had 80-thousand people visit Tinsel Trail and the Skating in the Park for the six weeks that it was here."

Of course, now that space looks more like a lunar landing pad than a downtown attraction, but it shows the museum's contribution to downtown is growing.

Madkour points out, "The city has approached the Huntsville Museum and myself actually to give some input on the redevelopment of the park, which they hope to initiate in the coming years."

The plan for developing the space around the museum still needs careful examination from the people with vested interests.

But the walls here, even the front lawn, teach us that succesful art marks the interplay of space and creation.  So the curators keep the exhibitions moving.


  • Robert Sutton

    Good Lord, please don’t tell me they are going to let that Museum eat up more of the park! Every time they take another piece we are promised “that is it”. Loretta’s folly will haunt us forever.

  • Nuclear Mike

    The City leaders are doing as they please with property all over as they consolidate their power for future personal gains…

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