Dangerously Cold Temperatures Return

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TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – The cold just won’t quit. Temperatures plunged into the single digits and teens this morning. It will not be quite as cold tonight, but that is only because another cold front is on the way.  The next few days will be bitterly cold.

Ahead of the front, the air gets a little milder (“little” is the key word); we only drop into the mid-20s tonight.

Behind that front, it turns colder for Thursday and Friday. Temperatures hover in the mid-20s all day Thursday with a wind chill around 5 to 15 degrees most of the day.

Dangerously Cold Again: We are back to the single digits (maybe even a few zeros) by Friday morning. Be sure you leave faucets dripping, bring pets in or provide a warm place for them, and check on neighbors who may not have adequate heating. We only warm to 28ºF on Friday afternoon before dropping back to the low-20s and upper teens again Saturday morning.

That means we will have roughly 60 to 65 hours of subfreezing temperatures until we warm above 32ºF again mid-morning Saturday.

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