Henry Burrell Pleads Guilty To 6 Lincoln County Murders, Judge Finalizes Plea

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FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. (WHNT) - Henry Burrell, the second man charged in six murders in Lincoln County, has reached a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Burrell has pleaded guilty to six counts of murder, and will receive two consecutive life sentences.  Burrell signed the paperwork Wednesday afternoon and Judge Forest Durard finalized the plea.

"I just want to get it over with," Burrell told Judge Durard.

"You understand you will never walk the streets again," Durard said.

"Yes sir," Burrell replied.

Burrell pleaded guilty to the murders of Amber McCaulley, Chabreya Campbell and her unborn child, Rashad Rico Ragland, as well as Warren Crutcher and Jessica Brown. They were killed in October of 2012.

On Tuesday, Zakkawanda Moss was sentenced to six consecutive life terms. Family members of the victims were present, and were asked to return today, Wednesday, to discuss the Burrell case.

Burrell's trial was scheduled to begin in February.


  • skillpot

    “You understand you will never walk the streets again,” Durard asked.

    If Burrell is allowed to live, more than likely he will walk the streets!

  • MMA

    In Tennessee, 1 life term is a minimum of 51 years before being considered for parole. He got 2 life terms. That is 102 years minimum. No, he will not walk the streets again.

    • tim

      Yea but the neither one of them will never live are serve the sentence that was handed down come on look at how many lives was takin its a shame how the system works but they gave the guy the death penalty over the Krystal Murders now you look an tell me which case was the worst but don’t take it out of content neither one should have happen.

  • Decatur Man

    Wow! The 2 animals that killed 6 people should not be in prison for life. They deserve he death penalty The JUSTICE SYSTEM failed here.Brutally kill 6 and you get life terms…….I hope the 2 of you live a very long and miserable life…..

  • sane

    I agree with you Decatur Lady the smurk on his face makes me sick too, but only a brutal murderer with no heart like him can smile at the family of the people he killed. They both should have been put to death. I hope their days in prison is nothing but pure HELL!!!

  • SB

    Life sentence in this case is worst than death. You die and it’s over. But you wake up for the rest of your life in the same place, that’s HELL! He got what he deserves. Good job Judge and Prosecutors!

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