Bizarre Rollie Cooks Eggs With a Twist

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The “Rollie” is a vertical egg cooker.

If you are wondering what a vertical egg cooker looks like, it’s like a vase.

A horizontal egg cooker would be a pan I suppose. A vertical egg cooker is more like a standup vase that hold flowers.

Confused?  Sorry. Best I can do …

The Rollie has a tube in the middle that heat up to 360 degrees.

You can crack the eggs directly into the Rollie.  You also crack the eggs into a cup, whip them up into scrambled eggs, and then pour them into the Rollie.

There is a directions booklet that comes complete with recipes which, among other things,  include cheese and chopped vegetable options for your eggs.

We’ve seen the Rollie in the $19.99 range.  But we found ours at a drugstore on sale for $4.99.

Maybe they don’t sell very well in drugstores but I have seen them in big box stores.

The Rollie cooked our eggs fine.

The only thing I didn’t like was the how the eggs looked when they come out.

It’s basically an “egg-on-a-stick” look.  Kids will probably get a kick out of it. Adults will probably not be amused.

Think “eggsicle.”

Even with that little detour, the Rollie worked. It cooked the eggs just like the packaging says it would.

One drawback to the Rollie is how many people you can cook for at a meal.  If you aren’t interested in sharing your egg-on-a stick, then just sticking to a pan might be the way to go. The Rollie, it would seem to me, would work better with one or two people.  It comes complete with a brush to clean the Rollie after you use it.

The Rollie, while I wouldn’t buy one for myself, is a Deal.


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