UPDATE: Three Scottsboro High School Students Arrested

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) - Three students at Scottsboro High School have been arrested.  They are charged with drug possession, and one is also charged with making a terrorist threat.

Police say a student resource officer investigating a threat made at the school led to the drug arrests. The three students were arrested for possession of LSD but police say the way they got their hands on the illegal drugs is concerning.

Police say they are concerned about students ordering illegal drugs online, and encourage parents to monitor Internet activity.

"The students admitted they purchased the drugs online, it's happening everywhere and its hard for us to track because online they can hide," Scottsboro Police Detective Scott Matthews told WHNT News 19 on Tuesday.

The increase in drug dealers turning to the web to sell has left law enforcement agencies across the country reeling to keep up with the criminals.

Paxton Fossett is charged with one count of drug possession. (Photo: Scottsboro Police Dept.)

Paxton Fossett is charged with one count of drug possession. (Photo: Scottsboro Police Dept.)

One of the students arrested is 18 years old.   Police issued his name and picture.  Paxton Fossett, of Scottsboro, is charged with one count of possession of a controlled substance. Police say they recovered six hits of LSD from his home.

The other two students are juveniles.


  • Token

    Hmmmm, I wonder if there will be any comments about the race of the students involved. That’s always the most important part of any news story after all.

  • yvonne potter

    i’ll tell u i’m so mad at Obama my hair color turned out wrong. he has got to change obamacare I can’t take this bad color.

    • JDF

      Lol…loves this!!! The sad part is, that a great # of people really think like that…It’s raining, that darn Obama (actually President Obama)

      • David Prince

        I always love it when people blame dumb things on Obama or one of his policy(ies).

        “My car broke down and it’s all Obama’s fault!”

        (I can actually see a tea partier saying that for some reason)

  • joyce

    Yea, my dog threw up this morning and its all Obama’s fault. That Obamacare is to blame for sure. Ain’t it terrible that insurance companies are having to sell insurance to everyone. Just terrible!

  • B

    Is it seriously that easy to buy illegal drugs such as LSD online? Where in the hell is the DEA on this issue? I know its a subject we’re hearing a lot about these days but you have to wonder, if the federal government did legalize marijuana how much more money, time and efforts could go towards stopping harder drugs like LSD, Meth, Heroine, etc….

  • Davey Campbell

    HaHa!!!! Incredible that no one has a real comment about kids being threatened and LSD being purchased online! WOW!!!!!

    • Jo

      So many comments placing blame. Not very many offering to do something to change things in a constructive way. If you don’t think that what parents say and do in their children’s presence, you are not very smart. Take responsibility for raising them right and make them take responsibility when they do things their parents disapproved of. Monkey see, monkey do is not just a funny saying it applies to people too.

  • Burt

    We had 3 boys i went to school with in the 80s got caught with loratabs 1 is now a preacher another is a lawyer and one now battles his addiction. These boys did nothin but make a bad decision in thier youth due to the temptations that u and i allow it is as much our fault as it is thierd but we can hide behind our do nothin attitudes and point at the results because we r not involved by then enough to look guilty as these young men do. I encourage them to learn from this and make it a positive turn of events.

    • Heather

      These three kids also made threats on lives at Scottsboro High School. They had detailed plans on bringing guns to school and killing other innocent children and then turning the gun on themselves. That WOULD have been a bad decision that would NOT have allowed them to become anything but dead.

    • ray_bama

      I am very glad that 2 of the 3 people you are talking about have done very well in life. However, i would just like to know how the world you see what they are doing as “Our Fault” as much as it is thiers ? NO !!! It is thier fault, thier choice !!! I have been there myself, & IT WAS MY FAULT BECAUSE IT WAS MY CHOICE !!! I am now 41 yrs old with a beautiful family. I own my on home, & my vehicles are payed for. My wife & i work our butts off to get what we have…. People make chose the roads they want to go down. Good or bad. Do you think everyone also deserves the credit for what poeple accomplish in life too??? Only person i give credit to for what i have accomplished to besides my wife, & is god. People tried to help when i done some of the things i done wrong. I (as in me, myself, & i) am the only one to blame !!! My parents raised me right, & went well beyond then they should have. Yes, we make mistakes, but that DOES NOT make it everyones fault…

      • Jo

        And you sound like an angry bitter person who thinks because it turned out ok for you it will for everyone else. Would you rather try and help a wayward kid or see them grow up and resort to violence that hurts someone you love and know that with a caring attitude and a few words you just possibly could have made a difference?

  • Andy wadkins

    Bad part is, if they truly did plan on killing other students and had a list. Scottsboro PD will never purposely let that be known. They only tell residents the parts that keep this looking like quiet little town without the problems that other places have.

  • Concerned

    Sad. It is frightening that it is this easy to get such horrific drugs online are you serious!!!??? Scottsboro sounds like it is getting as bad as Chattanooga. And PS it is not Obama’s fault.

  • Kathy

    What these teens have done is there fault alone. It is now up to themselves which way they go. My prayers are with them and their families. As a parent I know my children were going to make some of the same bad decisions I did. Also as a parent Iknow how hard it is to see your child on the 6 oclock news but they must be there for them without condoning there behavior. Have faith parents .

  • Johnny Rychuss

    LSD is just a psychedelic. Some minds are narrow and some are expansive. Salvia is much worse than LSD and only recently made illegal. Motion sickness pills even contain psychedelics. Not a promotion of anything. But the substances that usually contribute to violence are alcohol and stimulants or steroids.

  • Frank Stallone

    Can anyone explain this to me, because it never made sense.

    The age of majority in Alabama is 19, according to the Code of Alabama. But when an 18 year old gets arrested, his name and photo are released. I thought the names of minors which are arrested aren’t supposed to be released?

  • Concerned Parent

    As a Mother of a student, the things that my child comes home and tells me is horrifying and my child is only in Jr. High. Kids having beer at school, weed, dip, and all the 12 and 13 year old girls talk about is how many boys they’ve slept with. Pathetic!! And the community wonders WHAT’S HAPPENING TO THE WORLD!!! PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOUR CHILDREN ARE DOING INSTEAD OF PASSING BLAME TO SOMEONE THAT HAS NO CONTROL OVER YOUR SITUATION BUT YOU!!!

  • Concerned

    action speaks louder than words. concerned? then open your hearts, your minds, and your empathy not to pass judgment but to be a positive influence in someone’s life that WILL make a difference. throwing stones after the fact is not worth the strength to pick up the stone. Make a difference in a young person’s life by action not criticism.

    • concerned parent

      Being concerned is my way of opening my heart. But I also tell my child to be a positive influence and not pass judgement. All we can do is hope and pray our child or children stay focused on the right choices.

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