Redstone Federal Credit Union Cuts Off Debit Cards Breached In Target Hack

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Shopping at Target may have made you the mark after a major debit card breach, but they can't exactly handle identity theft at the checkout line.

That responsibility falls on financial institutions, including Redstone Federal Credit Union, who has customers who were affected.  Redstone has decided to replace the compromised debit cards.  They've sent out new ones, and the old ones go offline soon.

Redstone Federal Credit Union Assistant Vice President of Security and Investigations Jonathan Kirby says, "It's this week.  We have two different batches due to the volume of cards involved.  We have cards that will be blocked [Tuesday] and then cards that will be blocked Thursday night."

At the credit union, they worry you may have long forgotten that Christmas gift run you made by the time fraudulent charges turn up from the Target breach.

Kirby says, "Oftentimes, we find out about a breach, and the unauthorized charges don't start showing up for six months to a year."

It seems like a lot of trouble to go through just because you had to stop and grab something that one time, but Redstone hopes you'll stay patient with them.

Kirby adds, "When a person sees their card being reissued three times, four times in a year, they may automatically think that it's their financial institution that's involved, but actually it's the merchant."

The credit union just cleans up the mess.


  • TC

    To RFCU: Thank you for being proactive. I’d rather have this small hassle now over my money being taken later.

  • abc

    Dear RFCU – I appreciate you being proactive and always taking care of your customers, but you HAVE to let us know BEFORE you turn our cards off.

    I don’t live in North Alabama anymore, and manage my RFCU checking/savings accounts online. I received NO WARNING (email, text, call – all of which I’m signed up for) that my card would be shut off.

    Do you have any idea how many people auto-draft their bills with debit cards? A little warning would have been nice, because now I am receiving “late payment” warnings from the water, electric, cell phone, and satellite companies for bills that were supposed be to auto-drafted this week. It’s also very embarrassing when your card is “declined” at the grocery story and you have no idea why.

    Thank you,

    • College Student without ATM Card

      I agree with ABC’s comment, Redstone is on top of surveillance for the customers, BBUT, NO NOTICE is not acceptable! It looks more like RFCU was more in a rush to protect their interest than alerting customers! In my situation it has left my daughter, who’s away at college, cut-off. They shut-off her old card the same day the new one showed up in the mail. When I called about the new card over a 140 people were waiting? Come on REDFCU! You can do better than this…..

      WHNT HELP!

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