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Alabama Football Player Sparks Outcry After Tweet On Women, Sports

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(Image Credit: Twitter/@KDx17)

University of Alabama running back Kenyan Drake has sparked outcry (Warning: Explicit language appears in the linked blog) after a Twitter post regarding women and sports: 

Most girls like basketball more than football bc they can follow it alot easier

– Kenyan Drake™ (@KDx17) January 21, 2014

The initial tweet appears to have prompted several unhappy responses from Drake’s followers. Click here to view Drake’s Twitter profile and conversation stream. Here are just two of the relevant responses:

“@KDx17: Most girls like basketball more than football bc they can follow it alot easier” this is not even close to true

– Kiara Mitchell  (@‏kiaramitchell07)

 @KDx17 u r disgusting and stupid.

– Karina Ailyn (@AilynKarina)

Drake later appeared to tweet praise for women who prefered football to basketball. He also pushed back against some of the retorts:

“@blamberr: @KDx17 @UntamedBigDawg Girls are too stupid to follow football? Seriously?” don’t think that was said literally or even implied

– Kenyan Drake™ (@KDx17)

What do you think of these comments?


  • Darlene Smart

    Ladies, control yourself! Give this kid a break-no need to be silly about his personal opinions. He has the same rights as all of us to give voice to his beliefs. As a 71yo woman who became interested in football about 4 years ago, I find his thoughts most accurate.There is more to football than touch- downs. It is baffling at times due to all the rules and regs., but I always watch the bottom line, as in win or lose. It’s a game!

  • Branko Pezdi

    So this guy says that basketball is easier to follow than football. How dare he! He is clearly a racist and misogynist, and probably drives a gas guzzling pickup truck and owns a gun. Hate speech such as his has no place in an enlightened, advanced society. He needs to be re-educated in a public school. Thank you, WHNT, for placing this all important story at the top of the news!

  • Nuclear Mike

    Geeezzz….is everyone’s opinion now to be “sanitized” by the public trial of the Media’s e-medium to see how well their opinion fits the current social craze???

  • bamabac

    Who cares what a college student says on Twitter. This country has a lot more serious problems with which to be concerned.

  • Trevor Hardy

    This is getting out of hand. I mean since when is it wrong for someone to voice an opinion. Besides why dont you take up something that might actually help this state/nation/you…… like getting involved in your local, state, and federal legislation. If we went after people like Obama when he lied or made stupid remarks like we do when a college football player voices his opinion then maybe people would see that we will not be run over any more.


  • Robin Davidson

    Obviously north Alabama has no real news to report. Why would anyone think this is important enough to broadcast? Not your proudest moment WHNT.

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