Woman Sues Ramen Noodle Company For Daughter’s Burns

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FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. (WGHP) — A woman in Forsyth County, North Carolina is blaming design defects in a ramen noodle company’s instant soup cups for the second-degree burns her 1-year-old daughter received when a boiling cup of noodles spilled on her two years ago.

Kimberly Buffkin filed a lawsuit in Forsyth Superior Court in November against Maruchan Inc. and its Tokyo-based parent company Toyo Suisan Kaisha, claiming the company’s Maruchan Instant Lunch products are designed in a way to make them more likely to tip over and spill.

Maruchan has filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit.

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    • Bobby

      Not even a toddler, a 1 year old. That’s neglect in some people’s eyes. She allowed her kid to be harmed by lack of care.

  • Rubye Chandler

    How is it possible for this to happen when the article says the child is one but this happened two years ago

  • Tammy

    The mother should be brought up on charges instead of blaming a Cup of Soup – she is the retard in this lawsuit!!!!

  • MK

    I’m with Rybye, How is this even possible? Article says child is only a year old but incident happened 2 years ago? Ok, maybe it’s just a typo adn if it is then this mother needs to be put in jail for neglect on her child for allowing her to have/hold/grab something so hot it could burn you. I am an adult and I use a pot holder when I take these things out of the microwave because they are too hot. I would never expect my children and they are older to grab something this hot…

  • Rena Chaney

    I think its a case of stupidity on the mother’s part. Those cups are hot when taken out. I even let them set in the microwave a few mins. I never give my child the whole cup. I think its a case of mother not knowing what she is doing. I am sorry for the child’s burns that is something that will likely stay with her through out her life, but it’s not the company’s fault.

  • Dale Ward

    No it’s the crazy lawyers trying to make the dime, an puts these lawsuits in motion. Judges do need to just throw them out an go after these money scheming people waisting the judicial systems time an the paper time it’s wrote on.. careless mother after the dime, like one post says why was it near the baby…HOT MEANS HOT..SO THAT MEANS TO US ALL FROM CHILDHOOD….TAKE PreCAUTIONS..

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