UPDATE: Huntsville Police Make Arrest In Patton Road Shooting

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Huntsville Police have arrested a man in connection with a shooting late Monday night at Monarch Apartment Homes, in the 4500 block of Patton Road.

Police say Jordan Darell Baker, 21, is charged with capital murder in connection with the shooting death of James Winter, 20.

Baker is being held in the Madison County Metro Jail without bond.

Police haven't released further details about the shooting.


  • Angie

    I have to agree with Tammy on her comment. I would not live in Huntsville no way with all the killing going on and robbery’s nightly. It’s sad what this world has come too.

    • Decatur Lady

      I guess that includes the trailer parks where trailer trash like yourself reside !! Like I said Crime is everywhere… silly @@@ folks and I would rather say something else, but I won’t entertain your drum @@@!!! Now Ghetto that !!

  • Moonlight_sky

    Honestly I wouldn’t rather live anywhere else but huntsville . Yes , we have ignorint and belligerent youth running around . There is bad in huntsville and there is good also . You can’t live in fear , there’s crime everywhere you go . And perticullery I love my crime filled HOME .

  • Karinttt

    Having lived in other states and places, Huntsville is still one of the safest cities I’ve ever known. This recent rash of crime isn’t consistently going on all the time. We sometimes have weeks where nothing happens. And, not all this is happening in Huntsville. The local news area coverage here includes the whole county and beyond and isn’t just what’s happening in Huntsville. I think that when the statistical data is out for analysis and includes the whole year those crimes that actually happen in Huntsville, won’t prove out to be as high as someone might think by viewing the headlines and not looking at the location of the actual crime.

  • Sunshine 99

    I have also lived in other cities & states, but for a city this size (Small) it is an awful lot of violent crime . Not sure what the solution is – better or more police protection , more drug unit cops, or n ‘hood watch ????

  • JDF

    I tend to ignore the comment section of internet posts because you expose yourself to such random foolishness. However, as a Huntsville transplant, I too have noticed in the last year especially, a surge in crimes whether it be shootings and/or robberies/ burglaries. However, let’s be very clear, it does NOT just occur in the “ghetto” or “trailer park” and has involved individuals of all races. The only seperation should be that of law abiding citizens and criminals. I work for everything I have ever had, as does my peers and am just as concerned regardless of what area I live in. I could care less where it is happening, with the bigger issue being that it is happening and needs to be addressed.

  • renee71

    I am from Flint Michigan. Crime doesn’t get any worse than it is there. I have to say that it does vary quite a bit we go weeks with nothing of major violence than weeks where there is a lot happening all at once seemingly. I hope something is done so Huntsville doesn’t become what FLINT is.

  • Joyseee

    Just like you make crazy comments. Can also help. Start a community watch or put all your talk into saying something postive. NO ONE is perfect! Someone died! it can happen anytime, anywhere! Stay prayed up and keep the faith! Because it could have been you, your brother, your cousin or your father…. Everyone have their own opinion.

  • jhughes

    Either way it go, Huntsville is getting crazy by the minute. Too many deaths this year. Things have got to get better.

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