Rep. Aderholt Talks Spending Bill, Obamacare Future

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — On Capitol Hill, the House and the Senate approved a major bi-partisan spending bill this week. It’s a move that will fund the government through September.

Congressman Robert Aderholt said now that everyone is back in Washington, things are starting to happen. That includes the passing of the spending bill. He told WHNT News 19, despite being a divided government, both Democrats and Republicans have several goals they are working toward, and that was one of them.

“As most of you know, we just passed our first appropriations bill this week in the U.S. Congress,” he said.  “That is the legislation that actually funds the federal government.”

The 1.1 trillion dollar bill was approved this week. Aderholt said one of his biggest concerns is making sure everyone is on the same page about where spending should occur.

“We got that worked out,” he said. “So, hopefully we can get on some things that need funding with the federal government..”

The bill isn’t the only thing on his mind. “It’s a big year, but of course, Obamacare is what`s on everyone`s mind,” he said.

The measure leaves in place most of the spending for the Affordable Care Act. “We voted many times to replace it, or repeal it, but unfortunately with the democrats in the Senate and President Obama, he is not willing to do that.”

He said the Republican party is trying to do what they can to make the changes. “People are learning their healthcare is being changed. They want to keep the system they have.”

Aderholt doesn’t think the system we’ve had is perfect, but he doesn’t think Obamacare is the best option either.

“If we get control, Republicans gain control in the Senate, which they very well could this fall,” he said. “There is a possibility we could see some Republican changes. I think that would be more in line with what most Americans and Alabamians would like to see.”


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