Plans For A Resort-Style Hotel In Goose Pond Colony To Move Forward

Goose Pond Colony Resort Plans

SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) — Scottsboro city officials say they’re finally moving toward putting a resort-style hotel in Goose Pond Colony, and say for the entire region those plans mean dollar signs.

The area where the amphitheater is in Goose Pond Colony will take your breath away. Looking down the river, you can see for 17 miles. That’s all the way to Guntersville.   Goose Pond Colony View

Scottsboro leaders have wanted to build more on it since the 1960’s. Mayor Melton Potter says that hope has now turned into a reality for the city. “It’s a 15 million dollar project, a one hundred room hotel,” Mayor Potter says, “It’s about a 14 to 16 month construction time.”

Mayor Potter says the plan is to build the resort-style hotel right where the amphitheater now stands. The upscale building’s construction plans show the rooms will all face the spectacular view across the river.

“The impact of a hotel at Goose Pond Colony is immeasurable,” says president and CEO of the Greater Jackson County Chamber of Commerce Rick Roden.

Roden says the hotel will be one of the biggest economic boosts the city has ever had. “Tourism in Jackson County is a 55 million dollar impact on Jackson County,” Roden says, “So we expect that to go up considerably.”


He says the new hotel will be advertised on a world scale. Roden says he expects it to bring in tourists from all over, boosting tourism revenue for the region and the city.

Mayor Potter says he can’t identify the developer yet. He did say the city doesn’t have to pay any funds for the construction of the building itself.

Mayor Potter says the City Council and the Goose Pond Colony Board are expected to approve the plans in the next several days.

Groundbreaking on the site is set for this summer.


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