The Lost Bible: One Woman’s Mission to Find Family Bible’s Owners

MOCKSVILLE, N.C. — When Kaitlyn Ducote ran across an old Bible in a back room where she worked in Winston-Salem, the easy thing to do would be to simply leave it there. Instead, she’s made it her mission to find the owner.

Ducote said she had a sense that it must have meant a lot to someone when she found the Bible more than two years ago. The owner bothered to write the names of their children, their birth-dates – even put a few keepsakes between the pages for safekeeping. Pictures, rose petals, even a chauffeurs’ license from California issued in 1937 to one John Earl Dunn – all located within the bible.

Now, Ducote is trying to find out who it belongs to and return it to them. But that’s a challenge a lot bigger than it first appeared, despite the names of the people who owned it being printed right inside the Bible.

Husband and wife William and Kerry Dunn are the first names listed in the Bible, followed by their children, William, Charles, and Carolyn.

Ducote says she’s not going to give up as she looks for the owner of a Bible that might be a century old.

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