Tips for a More Secure Password

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Many people like to get organized at the start of a new year – sort through paperwork or get the family household in order. January is also a great time to reset all of your passwords and logins, so add it to the list.

Here are some tips for creating a secure password and remembering it!

Avoid the obvious

Skip the sequences like 1-2-3-4 or your birth date. Definitely don’t use your real name.

Create longer passwords and a different one for each website/account

Longer passwords give you more room for combinations of numbers and letters. That’s a good thing. Use a mix of upper and lower case plus numbers or symbols whenever possible – it’ll be much harder to crack.

Make a Master List

To remember all those new passwords, make a Master List. There are a number of apps available to help you do this but the 10-dollar, 1Password app for iPhones and Androids is highly recommended. The app stores passwords, credit card numbers, passport information and even generates complicated passwords for you. The 1Password app also boasts military-grade encryption.



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