Tips For Quick, Efficient Typing On Your iPhone, iPad

A lot of people spend a lot of time on iPhones an iPads – typing and texting to friends or for work. Here are some tips to make your typing on your Apple device even more efficient:

*When reaching the end of a sentence, hit the spacebar twice for a period. Automatically, you’ll get a space and the next letter you type will be capitalized.

*When you’re typing in a web address in safari, hold the period key down for a few seconds and you’ll have choices for which domain to add: Dot-US, dot-org, dot-edu, dot-net or

*When you need to add an apostrophe, type the last letter of the word an extra time. For example, for ‘we will’ or ‘we’ll,’ type three ‘L’s. That way the computer will automatically know that you mean we’ll and not well.

For more quick typing tips, watch the video above.

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