Update: Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle Says He Won’t Run for Governor

Huntsville mayor Tommy Battle reflects on 2013 and looks ahead to a new year.

Huntsville mayor Tommy Battle reflects on 2013 and looks ahead to a new year.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle says he still has work to do in the Rocket City, and won’t enter the 2014 Alabama gubernatorial race.

He made the announcement at 10 a.m. on his website, TommyBattle.com.

Battle told WHNT in August 2013, “I’ll make my decision by first of the year.  That is a shortened period, but it is a time to be able to talk to people, to evaluate, to make sure that you can achieve what you need to for the city of Huntsville and make a decision.”

WHNT News 19 checked with him again on January 8. He said he would make an announcement within a few days.

Battle has already begun looking at a few issues that might make the race tempting, including education and roads.

Though Battle is turning to keeping school funding in public hands instead of private and spending more money on roads, he said in August that he would run as a Republican.

“One of the things government has gotten away from is the idea that you reach across the aisle, that you work with people.  If you look up here, I may have Republican roots, but I dare say, I have a number of people who probably have some Democrat background who work with me.  And it’s time to reach across the aisle,” said Battle.

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