Huntsville Police Still Searching for Suspect in Shooting on Brahan Avenue

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville Police are continuing to search for who is involved in a shooting at 2201 Brahan Avenue.

Officials at the scene say multiple shots were fired and one man was shot in the leg. They say the man’s wound is not serious.

No one is in custody yet.

It happened at 3:40 Saturday afternoon.


  • Linda Moberg

    As much as I believe that people should be able to own handguns and certain other weapons, the problem I have is that they end up in the hands of people who just shouldn’t have them. Yes, most people are responsible gun owners, teach their children and family the safety and use, but some just want to go out and raise hell and show how big a “man” or “woman” they are. My cousin, in Altoona, PA, was an avid hunter. He had rifles, guns and other items. My cousin, his son, was taught at a very young age how to properly use these weapons, as a matter of fact, I can remember when he was about 5 or 6, I was about 12 maybe, walking into his house and watched him take apart a gun (don’t know what caliber, but it was a pistol), put it back together in record time and knew exaclty what he was doing. I even have a pic of him, his dad, and his younger brother holding rifles, similar to what you might see in a mobster pic, yet knew that it was just a family pic. This is the kind of person (people) who need to be able to get weapons, but we have those who go buy them and then either give them to an unstable family member or friend who couldn’t get one or pass the checks for getting one and go out and kill others. Do all gun owners kill people for sport? Of course not! Yet we are having kids killed all the time over the dumbest reasons, not wanting to live themselves and wanting to take as many whith them as they can. My son-in-law was killed in Huntsville, AL at the age of 37 by his OWN father, unfortunately his father past away 9 mos to the day after kiling his son and leaving my daughter a widow at age 35, and their their son who had turned 2 in May. My son-in-laws father used every excuse to blame my son-in-law for his own death. MIchael was unarmed, had NEVER pulled a weapon on anyone especially his father and he is gone and my grandson will have to be told one day what happened. The grandfather fell in his home and died from whatever happened because of that fall. About 15-20 yrs ago, my cousin, actually my husband’s cousin, was murdered by her own husband. He had threatened her many times as well as her family, that’s why she stayed, not out of love, but fear for her family. He is in prison now, he got a mandatory 3 yrs sentence for using a gun, VA law and must serve all 3 yrs, plus about 80 yrs and must serve about 50 or more before eligible for parole. They had 2 children and 1 has had many problems dealing with it and the oldest daughter is trying to rationalize that her mother is dad, but yet can’t hate her father because heis all she has left of her parents. Our family is behind them both but losing your parents one to an horrendous murder and the other in jail. My son-in-laws father was never brought to trial, although I hear had his untimely death had not occurred he would have gone before the grand jury. He even wrote on face book what happened, but blamed his son for it all. My daughter still has nightmares about this even though she wasn’t there when it happened. There needs to be gun control, there need to be background checks, AND if someone else gets the gun for that person and there is a murder because of it, the purchaser should also be charged. So sorry for those who go through this as you NEVER truly get over it.

    • bob

      Freedom is messy, but infinitely preferable to tyranny. I’m sorry for your loss, but the rights of the law-abiding should not be determined by the actions of criminals

  • Johnny Rychuss

    These are just gun games thankfully. Huntsville usually just has leg shots if you notice. Its a very dangerous precedent, But at the moment at least people are aiming for limbs in the streets. Just a matter of time before stray bullets start to become a real problem however. Keep aiming for the ground out there.. Dirt not concrete.

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