Bob Jones High School: 23% of Seniors Score 30 or Above on ACT

Posted on: 3:19 pm, January 10, 2014, by , updated on: 11:13pm, January 12, 2014

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Madison City Schools are consistently singled out as some of the best schools in Alabama and the nation.

Recently Bob Jones High School, ranked in the top 4% of schools nationwide, learned it now has another reason to celebrate success.

“I truly believe that Bob Jones had the best kids in the state of Alabama – and I’m a little biased, I admit that,” said principal Robbie Parker.

Parker reports 130 out of 572 students in the class of 2014 earned scores of 30 or higher on the ACT.

Parker says his school’s continued success has much to do with high expectations stemming from Madison’s Superintendent of Education, Dr. Dee Fowler.

“We certainly have high expectations in the school and our teachers do a tremendous job,” Parker said.

Parker attributes student achievement to a rigorous and relevant curriculum that is constantly changing.

“The way that we continually allow our curriculum to be driven by what is relevant in the world, and keeping it rigorous, helps our kids achieve,” he said.

The class of 2013 had about 18% of their seniors score 30 or above on the ACT. This last jump is the largest percentage to do so well in Bob Jones history.

“I would put that number, that 23%, up against anybody at any school in America,” Parker says.

Parker adds he is equally proud of students who scored less than 30 on their testing. The average overall ACT score is usually 23.5 or better.

The class of 2013 was offered approximately $30 million in scholarships with 53% of seniors earning scholarship dollars.


  • skillpot says:

    Okay, remove the 30% who scored above 30, then, tell me where the others scored!

    • Madison Girl!! says:

      Haters!! Bob Jones High School always stands out !! Best principal ever!!! Way to go Patriots!! This is not surprising to me, Madison City Schools make headlines all the time!!!

    • madisonian says:

      Skillpot. Go to the Madison schools website: and look at the data dashboard. (Try this link )
      The composite ACT score at Bob Jones was 23.7. And according to BJ principal Robby Parker, approximately 90 percent of its seniors take the ACT.

    • madisonian says:

      According to the Data Dashboard of the Madison school district’s website ( the average ACT among all Bob Jones students was 23.7 percent

  • Wake Up says:

    This is what we should be most proud of — not some useless football team!!

  • Dothemath says:

    Story title should read 23% —130/572

  • janice dove says:

    Or we could find out what percent of other schools in huntsville scored 30 percent or higher on ACT. Apples to apples!

    • Madison Girl!! says:

      That would be easy to calculate ! Huntsville City teachers could care less if their students are grasping what their teaching. They just want to pass them on to the next grade so they won’t have to teach them again the next year! !! Parents, get your children to a Madison City School if you want them to have an education!!

  • says:

    To the one who made that bad word the Huntsville City scool teacher do not teach you they do my oldest child got scholarship to another college and my baby been an A student since she started to school now she a freshman in high school speak for your on child Huntsville have the best school why some kids coming from athens and madison to come to our school

  • Briana says:

    Proud to be a BJHS Alumni! Mr. Parker is the best daggum principal. He is always influencing us students to do our best and do right. Could not be more proud of the upcoming seniors! Go patriots!

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