Mobile Phone Wars Heating Up

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(CNNMoney)- Cellphone companies are in a battle for customers in the United States.

The latest punch was thrown by T-Mobile. It’s offering $650 if you cancel your contract with another carrier and pick up a T-Mobile plan.

Cancel your contract and R-Mobile will pay your termination fees up to $650. That deal includes a maximum of $350 per line and $300 per phone.

The catch? You must trade in your old phone and buy a new one from T-Mobile, and you can transfer your current number.

It’s the latest in the battle between AT&T and T-Mobile, the underdog that’s been hounding its larger rival on every front.

AT&T made a direct hit at T-Mobile days earlier. The company is offering T-Mobile customers $450 to switch.

You have to change service providers, trade-in your phone, and you’ll get gift cards and credits, not cash.

But still, it’t the latest sign of how viscous the mobile phone wars are.

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  • Miss Pita

    Someone needs to edit your article. You have “R-Mobile” in the 3rd paragraph, and the next to last sentence uses the word viscous instead of vicious. :P)

  • Ruby

    I agree! Give your existing customers an incentive NOT to change. Give them unlimited everything for half the price now. You could do that Verizon.

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