Leaks Blamed For West Lauderdale Water Shortage

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - The frigid temperatures from earlier this week are being blamed for a water shortage in western Lauderdale County.

System administrators at the West Lauderdale Water Authority have issued a water usage warning for all of their customers.

The warning signs started showing up as Wednesday’s temperatures rose above the freezing mark.

Six water tanks used by the West Lauderdale Water Authority are hovering below levels of 30%.

The culprit, Leonard Holcombe chairman of the water authority said there are water leaks all over the place, “It’s draining our tanks and it’s also caused two schools here in Lauderdale County to be out today.”

According to Holcombe, the water authority has 6,000 customers on their system.

So far, workers have found nearly 200 unreported leaks at residences.

Those residents not turning the water sources off at the home’s meter, is causing the water tanks to empty.

“If the people would just please cut their water off until they get their leaks fixed, it would help the water system,” explained Holcombe.

To help customers who are experiencing little to no water pressure, cases of water are being handed out to those in need.

But Holcombe said if customers will cooperate with the water conservation efforts, they can get the problem solved sooner rather than later.

The mandatory water conservation warning for West Lauderdale Water Authority customers will remain in place until water levels in the tanks have stabilized.

Water authority employees said they will notify customers when that has happened.