Huntsville City Leaders Eye Central Parkway for “Explosion of Redevelopment”

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)—2014 could be the tipping point for new growth along central Memorial Parkway, bringing several new retailers to the city of Huntsville.

Shane Davis with the city urban development department says projects like the John Hunt Park redevelopment,  and a finalized parkway overpass plan are coming together and now new retailers are eyeing the parkway for new growth.

“We have several proposals in the early phases right now, the community will start seeing some really good things this year and 2015 could be a real explosion of new growth there,” Davis says.

This week workers began demolition work of Mason Plaza to make room for a brand new Walmart  shopping center.

On the other side of the Parkway 45 acres of city property currently home to Joe Davis Stadium could be redeveloped since the Huntsville Stars are leaving town.

“Retailers have shown a lot of new interest in this part of the city now that we have time tables for when construction on new overpasses along the parkway will be completed and the John Hunt Park project is looking like it will become a reality soon,” Davis added.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle (FILE)

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle (FILE)

Last year Huntsville city leaders commissioned a study of possible sites for new development inside city limits, the results show several locations on the parkway.

“Mayor Battle has put in motion a targeted plan to focus new growth in the central parkway area and we hope to start seeing the fruits of those labors  soon,” Davis said.


  • SarahA

    Great, but do we really need all this traffic congestion around these areas? Airport Road is already a nightmare. There are plenty of empty buildings just a couple of miles south.

  • Aerhae Starza

    Is it me? does the parkway already seem to not support the current traffic load.Adding more over passes was way over due,we are to the point now that I dont think it will help,we need a 6 lane parkway now.

  • Harold

    Great idea there Mayor. That’s just what this city needs is more investment in retail and service industries when we have strip mall after strip mall sitting abandoned, not to mention the huge waste of space in the big malls we have that are sitting half empty. How many more Wal-Marts do we need in Huntsville? Despite the party line that the economy is getting better you cant possibly still believe that for an instant? Cost of living is still going up while income is not, manufacturing and production industry is still fleeing this country like rats from a sinking ship, debt is totally out of control and disposable income is gone for most folks I know. The idea that building more of this type of business being an improvement is ridiculous. If there was such a demand why on Earth are so many businesses closing their doors all over town?

    I also think the added congestion to this area would make the drive a bigger nightmare. I seem to remember the last time an overpass project was undertaken it ran into a vast number of problems and delays. Now add to that a massive redevelopment project and you are going to make a mess. Hopefully you all have not eaten from the same table of incompetence this go-round.

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