Parking Woes Have Florence Leaders Looking For Solutions

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – It’s a hustling and bustling downtown, even on a cold winter’s day.

But if you look closely at the streets of downtown Florence, you quickly see a problem.

“It shows just how much the downtown area is growing. Any given day on Court Street downtown and most of these downtown streets there’s not going to be any parking,” explained Andy Mann.

Fixing the parking issue has become the main priority of Andy Mann and the Downtown Florence Unlimited organization that he represents.

Working with city leaders, Mann said they may have come up with a way to open up parking along the busy streets, by utilizing the city’s parking deck.

“Our downtown area is worth walking a block or two to go to a restaurant, go to a shop,” said Mann. “And that is fairly common in most metro areas, being willing to walk a little bit.”

According to Mann, with the city’s help they could offer customers of downtown businesses a validation sticker to use for free parking in the downtown deck.

Downtown Florence Unlimited is also urging merchants to have their employees use the parking deck instead of street side spaces.

The city of Florence is in the process of implementing a computerized system to keep track of parking meter offenders.

The new system will allow police to issue warrants for unpaid violations.


  • Elton Camp

    Suggestion: Eliminate those silly parking meters. Use the money wasted on employees giving parking tickets and driving city cars to do it. Use the money to run a city bus from more remote parking areas already available. It could revolutionize downtown Florence.

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