Mayor Battle Promises Announcement On Governor’s Race “In A Couple Of Days”


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – At the right time of day, you’ll catch the state flag casting a shadow against the monolith of Huntsville City Hall.

Up on the eighth floor, Tommy Battle weighs one against the other, considering a run for governor.

We sat down with him back in August of last year, and he made this promise, “I’ll make my decision by first of the year.  That is a shortened period, but it is a time to be able to talk to people, to evaluate, to make sure that you can achieve what you need to for the city of Huntsville and make a decision.”

The barren trees and brutally cold air tell us the time has come.  The mayor’s answer?

“We’ll be making an announcement in a couple of days,” Battle said on Wednesday.

Battle takes time to assure his first priority remains city government.

“There’s a lot of things on the plate for the City of Huntsville right now.  That’s the job that I was elected for and elected to do, so we’re looking at that and seeing if the other fits in,” he said. “But priority number one is being mayor of the City of Huntsville.”

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle

He adds that the administrative duties he has create an interest in the governor’s office, but no others.

We asked directly: “Is there any other office you’re also considering running for?”

Battle said “No.”  Twice.

Meanwhile, the decision on the governor’s office should trickle down from the eighth floor soon.


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