It’s Frozen! Don’t Snap Off Your Car Door Handle in Freezing Temps

Posted on: 5:24 pm, January 7, 2014, by , updated on: 05:33pm, January 7, 2014


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Some people in the Tennessee Valley woke up thinking it might be a good idea to pop out and start their car before heading out for the day. But some came away with their car door handle in their hand instead of a toasty vehicle.

“This time of year it’s very common especially when you get very cold and wet weather, and when a door handle freezes, they’re made out of plastic, so it’s doesn’t take much at all to break them,” says Lee Terry, manager at Quality Body Shop on Washington Street in Huntsville.

Quality has seen three customers with broken handles just since Monday.

Alexis Galloway found out first hand how easy it is to snap off a door handle – and she was just trying to be a dutiful wife.

“I thought I’d be nice and defrost my husband’s car as well as mine,” explains Galloway, “but when I went to go open the door, the handle broke clean off in my hand.”

Terry recommends testing your door handle gently and if you find resistance, pour extremely hot water over the door handle. Even then he says you have to be patient because the entire door seal will be frozen as well. This trick he says can save you anywhere from $125 to $200 and beyond.


  • Wake Up says:

    Made of plastic. . . . That is the key phrase in this story!!!!

  • Rick Nickel says:

    Yep, my indoor handle disconnected and now I have to roll down the window and use the exterior handle to open the car door.
    I expect to find that some cheap plastic part has broken, once I remove the door panel.

  • Bob says:

    In other news: We learn with freezing temperatures, people lose all common sense.

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