Cold School Buses Main Reason for Morgan, Lawrence County Closures Tuesday

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(WHNT) – Morgan and Lawrence County Schools were initially on a delay Tuesday, but both cancelled school for the day at 8 a.m. after learning they had a major problem with the bus fleet in each county.

In short, a large number of the buses wouldn’t start due to the extremely cold temperatures.

Morgan County Superintendent Bill Hopkins, Jr. said 32 school buses wouldn’t start – about one-third of the fleet.  Hopkins said Union Hill School also had a power outage which was restored before school was to start, but there was concern about the power staying on for the entire day.  Hopkins said he decided to err on the side of safety for the students and called off school for Tuesday.

What’s the situation for Wednesday?  He laughed and said “pray.”  Hopkins said his mechanics were working diligently to head off any problems for tomorrow and did say they would start earlier in the morning getting all the buses cranked.

In Lawrence County, it was the same situation.  Superintendent Heath Grimes said 20 buses wouldn’t crank due to the extreme cold.  Grimes said he and Hopkins made their decisions together, both saying they didn’t want any students standing out in the cold waiting for a bus that wasn’t coming.

Grimes said he is also talking with his Transportation Director to determine what they can do to improve with the buses Wednesday morning.

Both school systems are planning a two-hour delay for the start of school Wednesday, January 8.  WHNT News 19 will keep you updated on any changes.  You can also monitor our full list of School Closings and Delays.

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