Building Army Leaders: Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 10pm

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Army installations across the United States each specialize in an area that contributes to and enriches some aspect of the military's overall mission.

WHNT News 19's Daniela took a look inside the oldest active army post west of Washington D.C. and what it takes to make a military leader.

It is at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas that Army doctrine is formed and thousands of officers from all over the country are taught what it takes to lead. It's considered the “intellectual center of the Army.”

They come from all over, but are all working toward a common goal: making the Army the best it can be.

They are taught to have discernment to not only make the right decisions, but to know how to collaborate when leadership styles clash.

"As a lieutenant or a captain, we're pretty much told *what* to think. Now we're learning *how* to think,” said one officer at Fort Leavenworth.

It is that difference, between what and how that can make or break a military leader.

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