Bendable TVs Bend Possibilities at 2014 CES

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Bendable televisions are debuting at CES 2014. Will they be the next big thing with consumers?

The future of television looks bright at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada: TV makers are showing off sets with more than 100-inch screens, Ultra HD or 4K resolutions and the ability to go from flat-screened to curved.

Bending the rules as we know them, Samsung and LG both unveiled shape shifting concept sets. Tim Baxter, President of Samsung Electronics America described the gadgets as “having a display that is flexible” and “powered by a motor that enables you to control and create that curvature on the television.”

Is the “curve control” worth it? Joe Stinziano, Samsung Electronics America Executive Vice President thinks so. “The wider field of view and panoramic effect draws viewers in. The TV seems even bigger than it is,” Stinziano said.

David Katzmaier, CNET Senior Editor, sees things a bit differently, “I’ve seen [the curved TV] in person and it just looks a little bit distorted to me.”

Also on display for 2014 are televisions with Ultra High-Definition and 4K technology. As Katzmaier explained, those terms both refer to televisions that have a much higher resolution than the TVs people are used to. “The flip side of that coin is that you really can’t see the difference between a [current] 1080p TV and a 4K or Ultra HD TV because that’s really small pixels and you have to be really close to appreciate that extra sharpness.”

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