Freeze Frames: Your Photos of the Frigid Weather

Posted on: 9:27 pm, January 6, 2014, by , updated on: 08:01am, January 7, 2014

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  • Snowman made by 5-year-old William D'Arcy. 256-881-2183 Corner of Graycroft & Chadwell, south Huntsville.

  • Building a snowman in the driveway, with the wife and Daughter.

  • Looking out from our carport this morning. Husbands truck and the front of house on Seneca Dr, Trinity. It's coming down here pretty heavily. Husband said he got to work off of Hwy 20/72 in Decatur as long as you drive slowly.


  • This is I 65, traffic haled on both sides and the road is solid ice!!

  • This is in Asbury

  • This is county road 51 between Collinsville and Fort Payne. It is solid ice.

  • About a 1/4+

  • Snow fall in Grant AL Tuesday morning



  • Frozen Pool

  • almost frozen

  • Ice floating down the river

  • they stayed until Wednesday afternoon

  • Photo shows partly frozen Lady Ann Lake in Huntsville near Colonial Grand Apartments. Photo taken with my iPhone5. (Jigar Suthar)

  • Big Spring Park January 2014 - Photo by Joe Essner

  • Hello back! Photo courtesy: WHNT News 19 viewer

  • Snow & sleet in Scottsboro on Sunday. Photo courtesy: Zac Thompson

  • Snow in Belgreen (Franklin County), Alabama. Photo courtesy: Cory Hamm

  • Northwest Madison County near Research Park on Sunday. Photo courtesy: WHNT News 19 viewer

  • Madison County resident Mark Vickers uses a heat gun to thaw the doors on his wife's car. Photo courtesy: Denise Vickers

  • Madison County resident Mark Vickers uses a torpedo heater to thaw the doors on his truck. Photo courtesy: Denise Vickers

  • Free range chickens in Madison County don't seem to mind the cold too much. Photo courtesy: Denise Vickers

  • Back deck in Sylvania. Photo courtesy: Mike & Karen Esloon

  • Cypress Lakes Golf Course Muscle Shoals. Photo courtesy: WHNT News 19 viewer

  • View driving south on S. Parkway at Willowbrook Drive. Photo courtesy: Jamie Tolliver

  • Monday morning in Russellville. Photo courtesy: Jade Bragwell

  • Snow in Hester Heights in Russellville. Photo courtesy: Angela Woods

  • Brisk ride Tuesday morning from the Little Coon Community in Jackson County. Photo courtesy: Charles Wimberly

  • Chilly Tuesday morning sunrise from Ider. Photo courtesy: Amy Crump

TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – With a dusting of snow and temperatures in the teens, WHNT News 19 viewers grabbed their cameras and cell phones and snapped photos of the frigid weather that has gripped north Alabama for the past few days.

The WHNT News 19 meteorologists predicted occasional snow showers Sunday into Monday would dust the ground.  They said the Valley could expect temperatures in the 10s all day Monday with a wind chill near zero. The forecast calls for single digit lows Monday night, and it will be very cold again on Tuesday.  Read more about the forecast here.

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