Auburn Marching Band Arrives in Pasadena

PASADENA, Cal. (WHNT) — We’re just one day away from the BCS National Championship. WHNT News 19 found the Auburn Tiger Marching Band headed into the Rose Bowl Stadium on Saturday.

“We rehearsed yesterday, we’re going to continue rehearsing to put the best performance out we can and support the tigers the best we can,” said Gerritt Keaton, an Auburn Drum Major.

Keaton said the band is rested, rehearsed, and ready to perform in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

“Monday night we’re going to do our stage to screen show, have selections from Grease, from Les Mis, from My Favorite Things, it’ll be really great and we’re also going to do our traditional, high energy pregame show,” Keaton said.

Keaton said he never thought he would be at the Rose Bowl, but he had faith in his Tigers.

“After last season, we knew this season was going to be great, I don’t know what anyone’s expectation was but I expected great things, it’s just exciting to be here,” he added.

The Auburn band in Pasadena

The Auburn band in Pasadena


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