Auburn Players Sit Down for “Beef Bowl” Dinner


NEWPORT BEACH, California (WHNT) — The Auburn Tigers are preparing to take on FSU Monday in the BCS National Championship game. However, before that happens, they had to make an appearance at the Beef Bowl. You’ve never heard of it? It’s a different type of bowl game, not necessarily using a football, but involving football players. It’s a big tradition in southern California.

For more than 50 years, the Lawry’s restaurant chain has provided a prime rib beef dinner for the teams playing in the Rose Bowl.  “This isn’t a Rose Bowl game officially but the Rose Bowl is hosting the BCS National Championship,” said Robert Bennett with the Festival of Roses.

The National Championship teams have gotten a stab at the delicious dinner for the past few years. The teams eat on different nights, and for a good reason. “It used to be that this was a contest, which is why they call it the Beef Bowl, who could eat the most prime rib,” said Bennett. “The media would get their hands on it and say well this team ate this many hundreds of pounds.”

Football players eat a lot. But in this case, it wasn’t a good thing.

“The nutritionist got involved and said we’re not going to make it a competition anymore because these men are competitive and they’re going to eat until they drop,” said Bennett. “They now have a good healthy delicious meal and they have a wonderful time.”

Judging from the smiles on the player’s faces, it was a pretty good meal.

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