Is It Possible to Root for Auburn as An Alabama Fan, and Vice Versa?

(WHNT) – Love for college football and hatred for rivals run deep in the state of Alabama.

Auburn’s 34-28 Iron Bowl victory over Alabama drew a rating of 8.6–the second-highest rated college football game this season, just behind the Alabama-Texas A&M game, according to CBS.

With those kinds of numbers and those kinds of upsets, the rivalry seems to deepen as the years go by.

But after the regular season is over and Alabama and Auburn are no longer competing against each other, but the best teams throughout the nation, is it possible to root for the “other” team?

Can an Alabama fan root for Auburn to bring home the BCS National Championship? Can an Auburn fan root for Alabama to win with Sugar Bowl?

That is the question.

Let us know what you think by answering in the poll below.


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