Is It Possible to Root for Auburn as An Alabama Fan, and Vice Versa?

Posted on: 5:16 pm, January 1, 2014, by and , updated on: 10:56pm, January 1, 2014

(WHNT) – Love for college football and hatred for rivals run deep in the state of Alabama.

Auburn’s 34-28 Iron Bowl victory over Alabama drew a rating of 8.6–the second-highest rated college football game this season, just behind the Alabama-Texas A&M game, according to CBS.

With those kinds of numbers and those kinds of upsets, the rivalry seems to deepen as the years go by.

But after the regular season is over and Alabama and Auburn are no longer competing against each other, but the best teams throughout the nation, is it possible to root for the “other” team?

Can an Alabama fan root for Auburn to bring home the BCS National Championship? Can an Auburn fan root for Alabama to win with Sugar Bowl?

That is the question.

Let us know what you think by answering in the poll below.


  • Frankie says:

    I actually support Auburn even during the regular season – just NOT when they play Alabama. Jan. 2nd – Roll Tide Roll! Jan. 6th-War Eagle!

  • Polly. Talley says:

    I am an Alabama fan to the core. But when there is a national championship at stake then I support it being kept in the state of Alabama, therefore I am in support of the Auburn team.
    Although I cannot say the same for Auburn. There fans are totally nuts. Did you see the absolute uncalled for mess they left in the Birmingham iron bowl. Had an auburn fan tell me that they despised Alabama. When I sake him why he just looked at me with a blank look on his face and said he didn’t know. If I hate something or some one I certainly know why!!!

  • Janice Martin says:

    We have a room totally Crimson but in 2010, we rooted for Auburn because we knew they could represent the state best at a higher level. Tomorrow, we root for Alabama. Monday, we root for Auburn. Roll Tide and War Eagle.

  • Patricia clemons says:

    I actually support Alabama even during the regular season just NOT when they play Aurburn. I will be rooting for them in the Sugar Bowl, Bring it home to Alabama..Just as Auburn will Bring home the BCS to Alabama– “War Eagle”

  • Brittany says:

    I am a die heart Alabama fan but if auburn is not playing Bama ill root for them and as far as post games if auburn is playing for title then I believe it’s okay as long as it stays in our stay so like other on jan2 roll tide and on jan 6 war eagle bc no matter what it’s still coming to our home state

  • Suzy says:

    First I would like to say, Roll Tide! Second, as long as they are not playing each other, I will root for Auburn. Keep it in the state of ALABAMA!!!! RTR!!!

  • Alisha says:

    why in the world would you not root for your state’s teams???

    • Larry says:

      Because Auburn cheats. They’re the dirtiest program in college sports, and they cheat because they’re totally obsessed with beating Alabama. They’ve been paying their players for decades. They were on probation during their 1957 national championship – for what? For paying players. Under today’s rules they wouldn’t have been bowl eligible. They’re a low class program and I’ll never root for them.

  • Kathryn says:

    I never root for Alabama, ever. Sorry, but I don’t. I’m a huge Auburn fan; I don’t hate Alabama, but I don’t root for them, either.
    To those who say “Why wouldn’t you root for your own state’s team?”, “Both are in Alabama,” and the like, I say this: the fact that they are both in Alabama matters none. It is not my home state to whom I have an allegiance, and no, not even my home team; it is to my university. The rest is secondary.

  • Michael Bowman says:

    As long as the “other” team is NOT Tennessee!

  • MDH says:

    First it’s Auburn and then all SEC teams. Pulling for Bama in the Sugar Bowl.

  • Bama Bill in Madison says:

    How can it be a good thing if your most heated rival wins their bowl game and having them win the national championship is a no brainer. NO, I will not pull for Auburn. RTR

  • mike ross says:

    people the last 5 years the national championship title holders come fro m our great state of Alabama I think that’s really remarkable iam so proud to live in Alabama my heart belongs down on the plains but when Alabama not playing auburn go bama keep the titles coming home to our great state that iam so prod of and again WAR EAGLE.

  • If the Taliban had a football team and was playing Auburn.. I would pull for the Taliban.

  • Peggy Johns says:

    I used to root for Auburn when not playing Bama; but after working with an Auburn grad for 5 yrs (he was always for Bama’s opponent), I root for whoever they (the other school in Alabama) are playing. Roll Tide!!!

  • rona says:

    Bama fans who suddenly root for Auburn are lying.

  • David motes says:

    Roll tide and come on people cheer on our rivels I also think it should be alabama in the tittle game and if auburn alabama played on a neutural field this year we would be for sure!! But as long as it’s in the state or in the sec excuse tennessese from that you should cheer em on.Roll tide and roll eagle roll bring it home

  • nebema says:

    My two favorite teams are Auburn and who ever is playing Alabama

  • I’m a ROLL TIDE ROLL FAN to the core. No matter weather they win or lose. ROLL TIDE ROLL BABY!!!!!

  • William Travis Jenkins says:

    I support Alabama but I also support Auburn when they don’t play Alabama. It’s a matter of pride for our state.

  • paul says:


  • Larry Raper says:

    Don’t be hypocritical. Neither team honestly wants the other to be successful !

  • Larry says:

    Fear the Spear!!!

  • Larry says:

    Educated people will root for the “other teams” success because the more successful the SEC is, the more money available for revenue sharing. Why do you think Missouri and Texas A$M wanted in….”show us the money”

  • JW'sGirlinAL says:

    My husband is an Alabama fan and I am an Auburn fan….
    A house divided but we both will root for each others team ..
    Unless they are playing against each other.
    I’m all about keeping it in the state!
    War Eagle! Tiger Proud!

  • herman says:

    as a gator fan and growing up in florida i can not pull for fsu i pull for the sec if fsu was in the sec maybe then them i would ask for forgiveness i would think long before pulling for free shoe u

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